Search Engine Optimization: is our top area of expertise. With over 14 years of SEO experience EmBe Writes has developed a targeted Content Marketing Strategy that targets Key Demographics that can and will successfully grow your business through each phase of the purchase process.

Research: To Begin and to incorporate a successful SEO campaign we first provide in depth research and analysis into your brand vision, target audience, and present market position. Consumer needs, competitor analysis, and analysis of your present web presence are all conducted at the time to ensure that we give you the best solutions to fit your Internet Marketing needs. No other SEO team across Metro Atlanta provides this service to the degree that we do. Growth takes time but, analysis that determines Best Practices and the Best Marketing approach is well worth the time spent so that you do not have to wait and pay twice. Trust the EmBe Writes Team to get you ready to take flight.

On Site Optimization: Flight plans take a lot of analysis and work. Keyword research, auditing, target market research, demographic research, and corrective action planning are all apart of the EmBe Writes in house plan, values, and action based strategy. We DO NOT Outsource. Optimization is a team based practice and the EmBe Writes team is here because we love what we do.

Core Back linking Practices: All of the EmBe Writes Internet Marketing tactics and strategies are 100% Organic, and White hat based practices. We do not practice Black hat Marketing of any kind and are in-fact 100% Against any of those practices and tactics. Back linking will be completed all through onsite manual efforts. Commenting, Liking, Loving, and sharing of valuable information designed with your business and clients in mind is the EmBe Writes policy and promise to our clients. Trust in the Content Queen and Marketing Raven based out of Atlanta, Georgia today.

Content Is Queen: (Or King) You’ve heard the phrase Content is King, I’m sure. Well around EmBe Writes Content is Queen because, EmBe Writes is a Woman owned and operated business that started out as a Freelance Writing, and Content Writing based business where you will find that the EmBe Writes Content Strategy consists of building your SEO through heavily researched keyword strategy. Link building, link sharing, guest blogging, and social media content is the how. Our team’s combined efforts assist in boosting your rankings while increasing your brand’s awareness across the internet.

Reporting: On a weekly & Monthly basis you will receive a report detailing your statistics, and analytics. Unlike any other company we keep you up to date with what is going on with your campaigns while continuing to strategize and bring solutions to give you results.

Reports Include: Total & Organic Traffic, New & Returning Visitors, Average time spent on site, what keywords were searched, pages visited, & lastl

Do you need a quality SEO Campaign Strategy completed and then managed?   EmBe Writes would love the opportunity to assist you.

Contact EmBe Writes today to develop your SEO Campaign.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.