Build A Brand Strategy That Makes A Difference This February With The FAB FEB Specials

embefebspec-102511in-90dpi2017 Is The Year Of New Beginnings So Out With The Old And In With The New Brand Strategies That Will Lead You To Growth And Success

It may seem like I’m a month behind but, I’m not. 2016 has come to an end, and 2017 has already kicked off with last months Website Specials that were our lowest prices ever before offered. But, it’s now February and to show you how excited I am about it, I’m offering even more unbeatable specials that will put a smile on your face, and help you build a strategy for growth that will empower you to not just take flight but, soar.

For Businesses, the beginning of the year – especially February and March when your budgets begin opening up means a time for change and growth. What have you taken away from 2016 that you can carry into 2017 that has worked? Reflection, Strategy Building, Brand Direction Building, and Brand Strengthening are all key areas that businesses should be focusing on during this time of the year up until Mid March and into April when business begins thriving again.


What Does Brand Strategy Look Like Though?


Brand Strategy Building For 2017 can be made up from numerous areas. Where is your company thriving? Where is your Brand falling short? Are you utilizing Social Media for example to it’s full benefit? Are you selling product by engaging with fans, customers, and your target audience on Instagram for example that is presently only being utilized by 48.8% of Brands and is projected to rise to 70.7% by the end of 2017? (Source – Sydney Parker, A Long List Of Instagram Statistics That Marketers Need To Know, Via Hootsuite)


Do you have a plan in place to begin utilizing Social Media to it’s full potential? If not contact me for a Brand Social Media Strategy Overhaul Consultation and I’d be happy to help. We’ll go over what you’re presently doing, and I’ll put my thinking cap on to save you time, money, and a large headache.


If you’d rather just pass the responsibility of Social Media Management off to someone else – I’d love to help you there but, I’ll still need your help. While I don’t just give my strategy away to anyone what I can tell you is that I rely heavily on you, and your team to do a good portion of the work. Social Media is about team work, networking, engagement, community, fan, and follower building, and if your inside team isn’t willing to have a little fun then doesn’t speak for your brand, and those that represent your brand. Either way strategy building is possible and whether it’s managed by you or, me strategy still needs to be created and designed for your Brand’s benefit.


Is Your Brand Optimized For Mobile Users?


How To Create A Mobile Friendly Website, Mobile Friendly Website Design, Website Design That Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile Is The New Wave. 90% of web users access the web through their cell phones. On top of that Average Cell Phone Owners spend 53% of their time on Social Media when that Cell Phone is in use. That statistic right there shows you that if your website is not mobile friendly you are heavily missing out on reaching your target audience. Are you needing an across platform including mobile optimized website created? There are multiple options to choose from and and my team of dedicated professionals that surround me would be happy to assist you wherever you need the help in web design, and web development including optimizing your website for the best mobile friendly experience possible.


So For This Month’s FAB FEB Specials @

Content Strategies – Jazz up your Web Content


Your content strategy is the leading factor in what determines your brands success after design is taken care of. What do your readers and target audience want to see? What do you believe that they need to hear? Your content strategy needs to be based off of what your readers and target audience want, and desire. So, what do they want to see, what do they want to learn, and what do they want to read? If you don’t know the answers to these questions contact me for a content strategy building session, and we’ll determine the answers to these questions. Content Prices Begin at $44.00 This month which is half price so order your content today and remember that all of Content automatically includes Keyword Research and is written in correct SEO format.


BlogTastic Blog Management

Are you keeping up to date with your blog? Are you struggling to find topics that resonate with your Blog audience? If you answered no to the first question or yes, to the second then choose to Manage Your Blog. Have Your Blog Managed and Your Blog Content Written At A Price That You Can Afford with this month’s Pick Your Price Blog Management and Blog Writing Special. Lets discuss your budget, and together we will come up with a Blog Strategy and a Blog Content Plan that works for you.


EmBrace Brandism – Branding & Re-Branding Designed Strategically To Meet Your Brand’s Needs and Your Brand Vision

If you are considering Branding or Re-Branding Your Business then you have probably looked around and found pre-designed logos and extremely cheap logos (Anything under $60.00) is highly advertised and becoming the topic of conversation with plenty of buzz from those that are purchasing these “Logos”. In the last year, I’ve had more clients come to me with Logos that they can not use for their custom needs (Business Cards, Letter Head, and Even on their Websites) because, their logos came from 1 of several websites – you know which ones I’m talking about, and I’m not even going to give them credit in words because, THIS is what you get when you spend .99 – $49.00 ANYWHERE. Unless of course a custom designer is offering a really great deal but, those deals will not be found on those sites or craigslist.

In Brand Design, and Brand Re-Design for what it is suppose to be the Designer, Creative or, Firm should be giving you access to a lot more resources than what I frequently see coming from many who are only doing the web sector. If a designer is only working in web then that means Logos that are created and not accessible under any circumstance in 300 DPI which is the Print Standard. Web Resolutions are drafted and designed most frequently in 72 DPI and can not be used for Business Cards, Stationary, Letterhead, Resumes etc etc etc….and that is a problem for many. The other problem that is frequently run into is Janet is using the same Logo or Emblem and the same fonts that Jason used in his business, and both Janet and Jason’s Businesses are similar so one must have copied the other person’s idea! Right? NO.

The easiest way to avoid this happening all together is to go to a Brand Developer and Brand Designer that can cover all of your needs in both Web, and Print, and has the ability to do that. Not only can EmBe Writes design your Logo and Website but, we can design your Business Cards, Stationary, Coffee Cups, Event Booth Merchandise, T-Shirts, Real Estate Signs, Booth and Event Banners and much much more. With Branding & Design Prices Starting at $355.00 has you covered. This price does not include custom graphic design or anything that needs to be illustrated and does not cover Website Content. If you are needing a full scale, and full spectrum design with content, logo, seo, and more please do not hesitate to contact EmBe Writes in order to obtain a custom quote and if you are worried about Price please remember that we do offer affordable payment options that enable work to be done over time while you pay over time.

The EmBe Writes Emailocity Strategy & Design Service

When you are getting started with Email Marketing things can be a little overwhelming. How do you put together your email list, what do you send your email list? How frequently do you email those on your email list? What content sells, promotes and turns your target audience, fans, and followers off? These are all questions that can answer in our Emailocity Strategy building session that happens after your first monthly payment is sent. Emailocity Management is offered as low as $111.00 Per Month and includes 2 custom designed emails with graphics that will reach your audience. Choose 3 emails per month for $166.00 and 4 Emails per month for $222.00 Email Marketing Template Design that is custom to your business can also be purchased for just $22.00 Per Template and can be used repeatedly for multiple email campaigns. For bulk templates please contact me for a discount rate.

The Resume Overhaul

It’s 2017 and if you are still utilizing the same resume format that you used in your last job search please stop now and call me. specializes in career empowerment and advancement just as much as I specialize in any of my business services. And with over 55 Resume formats to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your needs and your budget however, this month only ALL of my Resume formats are on sale for only $35.00 and all include a custom design, the Resume in .doc, .pdf, and .pdf formats along with a cover letter and custom letterhead that are all printable and web ready. Yes, you read that correctly. Trust in to bring you to the place that empowers you to soar.

If you are presently in job transition and job searching and select me to write your resume for you it’s important to note that I’m also connected to over 50 different recruitment offices across Metro Atlanta and would be happy to send your information to my contacts, and am happy to do that at no charge to you because when you trust in you are trusting in someone who doesn’t just want to see you thrive but, wants to empower you to be able to soar.

How can lead you into growth and empower you to soar with these Fab February Specials? Contact me today to begin.


EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional


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