Letting Go Of That Negative Junk & Believing In Yourself

Ever wonder how to combat your fears?  This article describes how to defeat your fears in order to embrace your true self in authenticity.


It’s really easy to believe all of the negative junk that people and circumstances fill us with isn’t it?  I know I’m guilty of it, and it’s been eating at me for a little over a week now in a way that it hasn’t in quite some time.  (Hello Mercury Retrograde – I really don’t like you).

Anyways, what are you going to believe?  The Negativity committee or your own authentic truths and your soul that should be telling you that you are more than that junk?  See, what I’ve come to understand is that people insert their opinions where they don’t belong and treat people less than how they deserve to be treated because there is something wrong with them.  Hurting people hurt people, those who are struggling with their own darkness, confusion, and blackened emotions project that junk onto other people, and as a result we have two options:  We can either let it leach on to us or, we can let it go, move on, and not let it affect us.

Which do you choose?

See, I have a very large issue with that junk being projected on me but, I also have a very large issue with not speaking up when something bothers me these days because, I spent way to long bottling everything up inside, and not talking about it so as a result when something starts bugging me, I say it.  I’ve stopped being afraid to do that because, it isn’t healthy to hold on to.  Bottling things up creates resentment, bottling things up creates negative energy, and bottling things up and continuing to act like everything is shiny when something is eating at you makes a lot of space for things to go wrong when you finally do say something because at least in my case, when I get to that point, I blow, and it’s not a place that I enjoy finding myself in.

So what do you do in relationships, in business or, even in your career when you get to that point where what other people are projecting, and their behaviors are triggering frustration that is only building instead of disappearing.

  1. Talk About It
  2. Breathe Through It
  3. Don’t Take It Personal
  4. Be Understanding Without Being A Doormat
  5. Be Different and Still Love, Forgive, Give Grace….Because a hardened heart gets you nowhere.

Communication is important to me.  If I can’t communicate with someone whether it be in a personal relationship or, in business then I’m not going to feel confident.  I once had a client that wouldn’t call me on the phone because, her husband didn’t like her being on the phone and in the back of my mind I just sat there and said “Business doesn’t work that way.” If your clients can’t get you on the phone then they aren’t going to want to do business with you.  I’m the same way.  If I can’t get someone on the phone I’m not going to want to work with them, if an issue arises and I can’t ask you a question and am held back for however long it takes for you to get back to me the longer I wait the longer I wonder how much priority and importance you are placing on this project and the same thing happens with many I assist in the startup phase, while confusion is normal, and a not knowing is almost certain 100% of the time if you can’t give me a round about idea of what it is that you want for me to base your branding, graphics, and content off of then you aren’t ready.

What do you want?

It’s a question I’ve had to ask a lot lately to many around me, and it’s because fears, doubts, and insecurities are dominating everything that is going on and yet, it’s taught me a lot.  About myself, about other situations, and about where many are at in general.  What are we in zombie land living these days, just going day to day trying to figure out how to survive and get ahead?

Yes, I think that, that is where many truly are, and while I understand, know and believe that you are meant for more than that because you are.

Do you know what you want?  Do you know what is stopping you from pursuing what it is that you want?  Do you have the courage to talk about those things when you contact me for branding, career empowerment, etc etc etc….or are you going to allow yourself to just sit in that never ending garbage dump full of negativity that you’ve been fed over the years, and not allow yourself to get out of it and become who and what you are meant to become.

This post was meant for yesterday but, it just didn’t happen.

Who are you, and what do you want?  Who can you be honest with, who will be there in the storms as well as the good times?  Who isn’t going to judge you, condemn you or hurt you but will instead be an ear, be wisdom, and help guide you to the place you want and need to go for your own souls highest good because, what you want is your highest truth?

Don’t ask me how this happened.  How did I start out with resume and web content writing, and then onto branding and creative design, and now somehow am including personal growth coaching into this?  Okay I know the how, I don’t really need this questioned answered but, sometimes it really does amaze me and even shock me because, this puts me way out of my comfort zone in more ways than one.

It is what it is though because, we live in a society where more people struggle with self worth and self doubt than most are aware of and it’s because, we’ve lost site of who we each are on an individual basis and it has affected society as a whole.

Can you let go of that negative junk that is holding you back?  Can you make a conscious choice to be you, and embrace you in order to move forward in your own authentic truths?

If so start today.



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