Growing Into Your Authentic Self

waiting-roomAbout a year and a half ago I found myself in what was then a very awkward position hearing the words “Just hold on, what you are waiting for is coming just keep holding on.”  And while I knew in that moment that he was right, reality for all that it consisted of felt like I was barely hanging on, and was so far past my limit that I couldn’t think with a clear mind at all anymore.

I was in what I knew was a very messed up position, I had already lost pretty much everything that there was that I could lose, and found myself in situation after situation that was so far beyond painful that there aren’t even words to describe that period of time but, now as I look back I realize just how much it all set me up for where I am today, and making the choices that I am making for the reasons that I make them.  And they all center around the same subjects; Authenticity and Growth.


Growth is a very powerful thing, and it isn’t always easy.  Do you dare to grow into the real you?  Do you dare to move forward past your fears, and blockages in order to open up, and strive for more?  These questions, and more are all necessary in order to move forward and become who you are meant to be.  These questions and more need to be asked and answered in order to list out your goals, and then make a plan so that you can set out to achieve your goals.  Accomplishment of your goals doesn’t happen on it’s own, Accomplishment of your goals comes after putting in a lot of hard work, and there are times when that hard work feels like torture.  There are times when that hard work is exhausting but, without putting that hard work in there isn’t accomplishment, and there isn’t growth.

Love Yourself Enough To Choose Growth

The journey in front of us doesn’t always look easy.  But just because it doesn’t look easy doesn’t mean that you and the rewards from doing the hard work isn’t worth it.  You are worth it, your goals are worth it, your dreams are worth it, and your journey is worth it.  We’re meant for a lot more than where we are at in our present state.  Whether you feel like an epic failure as you read this or if you feel like you are on top of the world you are meant for more than the present place that you are at, and you deserve to achieve your goals and dreams because, you’re suppose to.

If you feel like an epic failure know that even the most successful people have fallen flat on their faces a few times.  What determines success is how you get back up after you fail, and relentlessly pursue your goals and dreams.

If You Want To Grow Don’t Give Up

If you want to grow do not give up on yourself, and that means not giving up on your goals and dreams.  Life is to short to live with regrets, and it’s better to have tried and failed than to not try at all but, even if you try and fail get back up and keep pursuing what it is that you want the most because, you are worth it, and you deserve to live an authentic, happy life that is full of your own success, stories and forward progress in action that you are always pursuing with a relentless passion because it matters to you.

Growing Into The Real, Authentic You

waitingDo you love yourself enough to be authentically you?  Do you love yourself enough to grow into your authentic self?  Sometimes being authentic means waiting and continuing to move forward as you wait.  Nope, I swear, I am not crazy for saying this.  Think about it, we all have goals, and dreams, we all have wants, and desires, we all want things that we have to wait for and work for as we wait because, while waiting isn’t easy the things that are worth having are definitely worth waiting for but, getting it always requires some form of an investment whether it is time, money or, something else.  And the reason why is because, if you want something that badly, and if it’s that important to you, you will put in the investment that is required and needed because, we place the most value in the things that we wait and work the hardest to achieve.  So that when we get it, it matters, so that when it’s gifted to us we don’t disregard it, put it in the toy box so that larger toys can scratch it, dent it etc…, rip it off the christmas tree and throw it around, and break it or, pick the analogy that fits and insert it here.

We Value What We Invest In Because What We Invest In Shows Others Are Authentic Selves

What do you value that leads you to show others who you are, and what you value?  Authenticity isn’t easy.  Authenticity can shake up your life in ways that don’t seem fair and makes you re-think about ever using the word “normal” ever again but, when you take the mask off and let someone or others see you for the real you what do they see?

There is no such thing as normal.  If you take the mask off – who is there?  And how can that person that you’ve hidden so well from the world live their authentic truths while making a difference, and inspiring others.  Living authentically becomes a lifestyle of it’s own, living authentically means that suddenly you can’t even think about passing judgment on other people because they haven’t yet learned what you have.  It’s a process, and one that not everyone will get right away even when the universe starts to shake them.  Some of us (Me) are so stubborn that it takes losing everything in order for it to happen, and yet, when it finally does – That’s when the rewards that you’ve been waiting for all along come into play.  Because, while the hard work isn’t always easy to put in, it is definitely worth it.

Because Growing Into Living Your Authentic Truths Is Showing Yourself The Greatest Form Of Self Love That There Is.

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional

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