Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing flattened


Website Content:

Your web copy is your selling tool. EmBe Writes Website Content is 100% Organic and includes extensive Industry, and Target Market Keyword Research. Together we sit down, and create a Content Strategy that fits your website needs, and I write the content for you.


$77.00 Per Website Page Up To 2000 words.  Includes TOS and Privacy Policy Writing.  

$22.00 Ad Copy – Perfect For Banner Images, Flyers, and Web Slider Ads

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Blog Management & Blog Writing:

Your blog is your traffic generation tool to your website. With a blog you get constant new traffic coming to your website, and you are providing not just an opportunity to link to blog posts on your website but, you are providing organic content that is yours to spread across your social media channels. Are you looking for quality content for your blog? EmBe Writes has been managing professional blogs for over 14 years now, and enjoys having the opportunity to post, and manage on a multitude of channels while discussing subjects that are relevant to my clients business, and their target industry and target client base. 

Subjects Most Interested In:

Marketing, Psychology, Real Estate, Relationships, Dating, Personal Finance, Budgeting, Couponing, Home Interiors, Home Decorating, Events, Event Planning, Food Blogging, Community Events, Non Profit, Careers, and even Wedding Blogging.


Daily – Sunday – Saturday Postings – $800.00

Daily – Monday – Friday Postings $600.00

8 Blog Posts Monthly – $350.00

4 Blog Posts Monthly – $225.00

2 Blog Posts Monthly – $150.00

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GhostWriting, Editing, & Other Forms Of Project Management has been the project manager on numerous projects over the years.  This includes Ghost Writing Novels, Childrens Productions, Editing of Novels, Contract Writing, Sales Letters, and more.  While primarily focuses on the above areas.  I am willing to consider additional projects not listed on the website when and where applicable.  Please Contact Me For A Custom Rate & To Discuss Your Budget.

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