Branding and Web Design For Real Estate Agents, Musicians, Artists, Bloggers, and Other Startups Nationwide.

What’s your style?  Simple and Elegant, Classy and Sophisticated, Chic, Shabby, Vintage, Old World, New World, Modern, Classic, Happy, Bubbly, Water, Landscapes, Homes, Interiors, Food, Pretty in Pink, Swimming in Blue, Rainbows, Sure, we’ll even throw Dragons, Fairies, Moons, and a few brooms in there since EmBe Writes has a wide range of clients, and we’ve seen it all, and probably some more.

The Sky Is The Limit when it comes to what EmBe Writes can do for your brand.  With a history dating back to creating her first online Brand in 2003, EmBe Writes enjoys the time she gets to spend in creative design, envisioning, creating, and then implementing Brands and Design for her clients.

The EmBe Writes Branding Process:

Brand Direction Building, Brand Strategy Building For Startups, Small Businesses, and Ecommerce Stores Nationwide across The United States and Metro Atlanta.

Step 1:  Let’s Talk About You:

You are in business for a reason.  You believe in your product or service.  Let’s discuss your product or service.  Let’s talk about you, and your vision for your company.

Step 2:  Let’s Talk About Your Target Audience:

Who is your target audience?  Who are your target customers?  Let’s narrow this down, and target your brand to your customer and client base.

Step 3: Combine The Two:

Your clients are looking for a Brand that they can trust.  Let’s build that trust while we build your brand name, brand design, and create something beautiful for you, your employees, and your clients to enjoy for years, into Infinity.

Step 4: EmBe Writes begins Creative Design:

In this part of the process EmBe Writes gets to work.  We take your preferences previously discussed during our conversation and begin creating your Branding Materials previously outlined based upon your needs.

Step 5: EmBe Writes Previews your Creative Design:

In this part of the process EmBe Writes shows you the Logo’s, Graphics, and Designs that we’ve created for you.  This is where you tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and request changes such as Fonts, Colors etc….

Step 6: EmBe Writes Edits your Creative Design:

In this step EmBe Writes goes back to the Illustrator Board, and makes the requested changes.

Step 7: EmBe Writes Sends your Creative Design For Final Approval:

EmBe Writes has made the changes previously requested if applicable – We know you’ll love it.  You give the approval and then;

Step 8: EmBe Writes Sends your Final Creative Design To You:

Well, here it is – Your anticipated Logo.  It’s all yours.  Need higher resolutions – for Banners, Business Cards, Letter Head etc….

Need a custom quote:  Don’t hesitate to contact EmBe Writes today.

Many other Print and Web Based Services Are Available for your Brand:  Letter Head, Email Signatures,  Banners, Convention Preparation Services, Postcards, Newsletters, Product and Storefront items with your logo on them, T-Shirt Design, and so much more.  Have an idea – Contact us today, and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

Want a customized Branding Package directed to your company?  We can do that too.

Contact us today to develop your Brand Strategy.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.