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EmBe Writes is more than just a face. The Raven at EmBe Writes says that social media for business is more than the active users who engage on a daily basis. Social Media for business is about networking, and connecting to your target market and demographics through implementation, social media strategy based on social media analysis of your audience demographics, industry, and your companies outreach goals.

Content Strategy & Development: Is your companies goal to drive traffic to your site and obtain conversation to an online storefront? How about driving traffic and getting conversions for an email list sign up? The EmBe Writes team can assist you and manage your online Social Media campaigns through creating custom social media content that will continue to build and grow your brand.

Community Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google+ are all more than just another place to hang out. Social Media platforms offer real time and optimum opportunities to connect with your current client base as well as refer business out so that you can continue to grow that client base. Whether you are looking for someone to manage a promotion, a contest, or just your online brand reputation the EmBe Writes team is here to assist you and listen to your visions, needs, and requests while implementing a strategy that will assist you in spreading your wings to take flight.

Reputation Management: Things don’t always go smoothly, mistakes are made, things go overlooked, results dont make a customer happy or, there are those that had a great experience but, take advantage. I’ve been there, we’ve been there, and if you haven’t been there I promise that the day will come. The EmBe Writes team uses online reputation, Communication Management, and Several other options to keep your reputation as high as possible. We monitor company reviews on facebook, twitter, google+, Yelp, Travel, and Restaurant sites to ensure every review, every customer complaint, and every situation online comes with a solution. This service takes both of us however. Contact the EmBe Writes team to allow the Raven’s “Hyde” to assist with reputation management and yes the hopefully occasional damage control.

Reporting: Knowing where you are going is best determined by taking a look at where you are now and setting goals that will lead you into the future. Social Media Reports are put into place by outlining your Present Page Rankings on a monthly basis.

Contact EmBe Writes today to get started developing a Social Media Strategy fit for you or your company today.  EmBe Writes is honored to manage both personal and professional accounts for their clients on all Relevant Social Media Channels.  

Packages start at just $250.00 Monthly and are targeted to your needs.  What may be needed for one client may not be right for you.  It’s not fair to fit you into a mold so, contact us today to get started.  We also manage individual channels per request – contact us today for a custom quote.