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Real Estate Services:

  1. Blogging – Blogs powered by WordPress give you continuous exposure across the internet. With targeted posts, and content geared towards your target audience inside of your target area what you are doing is placing relevant words geared towards Google, Bing, and Yahoo to make it easier for you to be found across the internet to potential clients. With my Blogging service I write out either 4 or 8 posts per month depending on your budget for you targeting your potential clients. With this service also comes analytics of people reached, and automatic integration of your posts into your social channels.


Daily – Sunday – Saturday Postings – $800.00

Daily – Monday – Friday Postings $600.00

8 Blog Posts Monthly – $350.00

4 Blog Posts Monthly – $225.00

2 Blog Posts Monthly – $150.00

Go to: to begin services now.

  1. Social Media Management – Social Media Management isn’t just posting links, and what you are doing. Experienced Social Media Marketing professionals whether you are speaking with myself or, another professional will all explain to you that Social Media starts with you, yourself. Who are you? What are your values? What area would you like to target? Are you wanting to attract buyers, sellers, lease to own clients or, many or all of the above? Your social profiles need to reflect your goals, and target audience – this is a frequently un-thought of way to gain more SEO exposure that will continue to attract more clients organically over time which is much more important than you probably realize. My social media management service includes management of all of your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, and anywhere else you have a bio listed (Zillow, Active Rain etc…), and also includes analytics that assist us in continuing to build, and know your audience – Services start at just $150.00 Monthly.   

Up To 3 Postings daily on each purchased channel – Facebook is unique and requires strategy for each individual client.

Facebook Monthly Management:  $150.00 Monthly

Twitter Monthly Management: $150.00 Monthly

Instagram Monthly Management:  $200.00 Monthly

Pinterest Monthly Management: $200.00 Monthly

Youtube Listings Management:  $15.00 Per Video or $100.00 Up to 10 Listings Per Month.

Linkedin Management:  $150.00 Monthly

Combination Packages:  Up to 3 postings a day on each channel: 

Facebook & Twitter Management:  $250.00

Facebook & Twitter Management + Instagram or Pinterest:  $350.00 Monthly

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest – $450.00

All Social Channel Management:  $550.00

Blog & Social Media Management Combination:

4 Blog Posts Monthly + All Social Media Management – $650.00

8 Blog Posts Monthly + All Social Media Management – $900.00

Go to: to begin services now.

  1. Newsletters – Most companies purchase newsletters to send out either via electronic or snail mail from their corporate company however, why send the same letter that everyone else is sending their clients when they will not resonate with your clients because, they are not personalized or targeted to your goal centered market? My newsletters are organically drafted by myself, and include industry news, company events, company news, and the hottest listings of YOUR office. Yes, I specifically target YOUR business in the newsletters that I draft for you. Prices vary on your needs (Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-weekly or, Weekly) but, my monthly rate which is my Best Seller is only $50.00 Monthly (Stock Photos if utilized are not included in the price)! And to add to this great news you, and your staff do not even need to take the additional time to stuff envelopes, label, stamp, and send – I can handle all of this for you at an additional low cost that is well worth the extra time you will have to spend showing properties, networking, and growing your business. This same service applies to Holiday Card mailings as well just in-case you are wondering.  Contact EmBe Writes today for a Custom Quote Designed To Meet Your Needs.

  1. Show Case Of Homes Publication – Unlike any other Copy Editor out there that specifically works in the Real Estate Market I offer a show case of homes publication that is sent off to the printers office on a quarterly basis. If you would like a show case of homes publication targeted to your audience please feel free to contact me in order to further discuss. The cost Per Year is $2,000.00 (Design Only – Does Not Include Printing Fees or Mail outs)

  1. Fliers & Graphics – Do you have a new listing? Do you need an open house flier created but, don’t have the time or know how to create the desired fliers or, graphics? I’d love the opportunity to assist you with this. Prices range between $25.00 and $150.00 depending on the need.  Contact Us For A Custom Quote.  

  1. Listing Descriptions – You take the pictures, and I’ll write the Listing Descriptions based on the pictures. I even have experience with FMLS, and GMLS if by chance you need assistance directly on those sites. Listing descriptions alone – $15.00 Please feel free to contact me for a quote if you need FMLS, GMLS or, other platform updates done for your listings.  Full Listings Management Starts at either $45.00 Per Listing or a flat rate of $600.00 Monthly.

  1. Content Writing with Keyword Research and SEO – Does your website need new content that targets your desired audience? Do you need to incorporate more than just a generic bio on your site but, have no idea what to say? I’d love the opportunity to assist you with this. My content writing prices are $100.00 per page, and include keyword research, and SEO analysis geared towards your target audience. This is included in any Custom Website designed and managed by EmBe Writes.

  1. Listing Marketing – Luxury Agents, and Home Interior companies love the fact that I specialize in single property marketing. With social platforms such as pinterest, youtube, facebook, and even twitter all powered behind the blogging field thanks to wordpress (and pinterest at the same time) I have worked with several agents to get luxury homes occupied in less than 60 days.  Contact EmBe Writes today for a custom quote targeted to your needs.

  2. Seller and Buyer Lead Generation – Whether you are looking for organic internet marketing, social media followers or, email marketing I can assist you in maintaining this list while compiling it in a neatly organized manner. Monthly management prices start at just $150.00 (One Platform) or, you can save with a 6 month plan at $750 or, an annual plan at $1400.00 – these prices vary based on your needs.

  1. Ad Copy – Depending on your need my Ad Copy prices for writing only (without graphics) begin at only $15.00, and are targeted to your specific goals. This price is up to 100 words, and is perfect for flyers, banners, post cards, holiday card greetings or, general marketing material.

  1. Websites, Landing Pages, and Squeeze Pages – Website design can be tricky, and expensive. With prices beginning at $150.00 please feel free to contact me today for the purpose of building the correct website, squeeze or, landing page(s) that fit your needs. My design fees very depending on the project but, in the end are much cheaper than hiring a designer who will hire me to write the content for them anyways. Save yourself some money.  Full websites with 5 or, more pages include organic lead generation, 1 full month of Social Media Management, A Blog designed, and powered through WordPress, Wix, Weebly or, Squarespace, and 8 organic blog posts that incorporate your targeted audience, and project specific keywords are only $1100.00.  Compare this plan to other companies charging $4,000 and up for less.  Trust in my experience, reputation, and sense of integrity that would love the opportunity to show you that it doesn’t need to be as expensive as others are making it appear to be.


  1. Email Marketing Management / Contact List Building – Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Infusion Soft, and various other programs are your friend in the Real Estate industry however, time is always of the essence, and I understand that time spent on marketing is time away from showing properties, speaking with clients, and networking with other professionals as well as potential clients. Please feel free to contact me regarding these services; prices outlined in my seller and buyer lead generation category apply here as well: Monthly – $350, Semi Annually – $1150, and Annually – $1700.00

  2. Youtube Management – Here you have 3 options 1) Full Management – includes listing videos, and a weekly topic discussed.  What is Toxic Mold, How do you determine if a property has been infected with termites?  How do you know that pipes are safe or, if there have been issues with pipes bursting in the past?  Is the home structurally sound?  Are there Down Payment Assistance Programs Out There for your buyers that want to buy but, are struggling with coming up with that funding?  These are all common questions that people will find useful and that you can leverage to build trust with your clients.  Price – $450.00 Monthly – Youtube Weekly Topic Videos only – $250.00 Youtube Listings only – $100 Monthly or, $15.00 Per Listing – Whichever option you think will be the most appropriate for you- Are you a sellers agent or, a brokerage with numerous listings?  Turn your listing photos into videos that you can leverage to gain more quality leads, and that can be attached to your blog, and website, and shared on other social media platforms.


  1. Blogging and Social Media Management – A Custom WordPress Blog targetted to your needs & Social Media Management of up to 5 Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google +, and Pinterest.  Youtube Management is separate please see pricing below.  Pricing begins at just $300 Monthly
  2. Blogging, Social Media and Youtube Full Management – Combine the above Two services and add in the Youtube Full Management service.  Pricing Begins at Just $1250.00 Monthly
  3. Blogging, Social Media, and A Monthly Email Ready Or, Printable Newsletter – Price – $700.00.
  4. Website, Blog, & Social Media Management – Pricing honestly depends on your needs beginning at $1100.00 however, 1 month of Social Media Management, and 8 Blog posts automatically comes with my websites.  There after – get Social Media Management & 8 Blog Posts monthly at our Customer Loyalty Price.  Or Pay for an annual service at a discounted rate – contact me today for a quote.

Do You Need A Custom Built Package Created With Multiple Services At A Package Price, and don’t see it listed above?  Please feel free to contact me for a multi service package geared towards your needs.

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