PPC Advertising


EmBe Writes is dedicated to structuring and managing paid search campaigns for our clients. From Ad Copy to correct Banner Placement on your ads it is important to know how to write the Ad Copy that will get your potential target audience to click through your website. Whether you are after Google, Bing, facebook, twitter, Pinterest or even Linkedin ads realize that click throughs do not come through without first knowing and understanding. The correct paid ad copy strategy. After 14 years in the industry and multi billion dollar profits, generated for companies such as Xerox, Samsung, Panasonic, and numerous online casino companies trust in EmBe Writes to create and place your paid search ads across the web that will bring you the results you desire, cost effectively. All with Report Tracking Included.

Quality Control & UI/UX Web Development & Testing: There is no point driving traffic to a website that poorly loads, slowly loads or that has malfunctions. The EmBe Writes team is here to bring quality control to your website and optimize your website for heavy traffic that your paid ads will be bringing in through our unique tactics. Contact Us to spread your wings today.

Tracking & Reporting: On a weekly & Monthly basis you will receive a report detailing your statistics, and analytics. Unlike any other company we keep you up to date with what is going on with your campaigns while continuing to strategize and bring solutions to give you results.