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Misty Burrell, EmBe Writes, Atlanta based Freelance Writer, Web Designer, Ecommerce Store Website Professional, and Web Content Writer Serving Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and the Nationwide Creative Branding Market with a Primary Focus On Real Estate Internet Marketing.

EmBe Writes was founded in 2011 as a career resources freelance writing business serving Metro Atlanta.  In 2015 however, some big changes began occurring, and Misty Burrell, Owner of EmBeWrites.Com began feeling a strong nudge to expand into Content Writing primarily for Real Estate Agents, and Real Estate Brokers.

Given that Misty has spent her entire life around the Real Estate field it made sense.  Efforts to grow in this area happened over night but, eventually what happened was clients began asking for web graphics, web design, squeeze pages, Hospitality Menus,  and Ecommerce sites.  Some areas she had expertise in, and others not so much but, Misty is Misty, and a big part of who Misty is, is someone who enjoys (a little to much at times) saying “Challenge Accepted” and began finding out that through saying “Challenge Accepted” she had further creativity than what she originally believed she had.  Why? Because, she had and still has vision.  And when she sets her mind and heart to something she doesn’t quit or, stop.

Lesson Learned – Don’t say can’t when you don’t know for sure.  Sometimes it simply takes trying, and believing in yourself or, others giving you that little nudge that guides you into growth which in this case Misty was given a few.  (To those who did this, and you know who you are, thank you).

Determined, strong, analytical, smart, independent, and almost always bubbly are the most frequent ways that Misty Burrell, Owner of EmBe Writes is described.

Misty is the Owner of:  Atlanta Creative & Inspiration Meetup Group A Meetup group for  Artists, Freelancers, and Creatives across Metro Atlanta.  Have a meetup suggestion?  Have a topic suggestion – I’d love to hear from you and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.  If you’d like to join us then sign up, and stay up to date.  I’ll be posting about our meetups here as well.

Want to know how Misty and the EmBe Writes team can assist you in growing your business?  Contact us today, and lets get you set up so, you can take flight.

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