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Lets Chat About What You Are Envisioning For Your Website, Blog, and Business or, Career, and Together, In A Way and At A Price That Works For You Let’s Make Your Goals and Dreams A Reality.


Social Media Management & ROI – What Return Can You Expect From Hiring A Social Media Manager

When you hire a Social Media Manager expecting immediate results is something that many clients unfortunately believe will happen, and have unrealistic expectations about. When you hire a Social Media Manager it is important to know that you need to allow them to start slow. Time to build the strategy, time to create graphics, time to create quality content, time to setup accounts, and platform management packages are all apart of the process, and none of this happens over night. In order to get results you have to know what you want, and in order to achieve success everyone needs to be on the same page without playing guessing games. Think of it as growth. You become a better leader, together you become a better team, and teams or, at least those who can work well together create success and even more growth that leads you out of stagnation, and allows you to spread your wings and fly.

Real Estate Internet Marketing With Pinterest

How To Use The Pinterest Search Engine To Generate More Leads Into Your Sales Funnel By Combining it With Your Real Estate Blog Content that will grow your contact database, increase your local traffic, & get buyers and sellers interested in your knowledge by gaining their respect before ever picking up the phone to contact you.

Stop Cold calling, & start building trust and respect to generate the clients that will grow your Real Estate Business.

How To Gain First Page SEO Rankings Using Pinterest

Pinterest like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is a Search Engine based primarily on images. SEO Strategies must be utilized in order to gain continuous traction with the Search Engines in order to increase your rankings over time. While keyword research and the right keywords can make your Pinterest Account, Website, Blog, and Business traffic soar much of this depends on Pinterest just like with your website content and blog content depends on the content written inside of your pin descriptions.

So how do you find the right keywords to utilize on Pinterest?

Why You Should Change Your Wordpress Blog’s Username & Nickname & How To Do It

Have you changed your Username on Wordpress?

Your default Username is always set to Admin in your control panel on your Wordpress Blog. Upon setting up your website and blog on Wordpress the system automatically chooses “Admin” as your default username or often times also referred to as “Nickname” on your wordpress administrative panel so any time you post a new blog post your name will appear as Admin instead of your website name or first and last name.

Reasons to change your Wordpress Username otherwise known as your Wordpress Nickname:

Build Your Brand In These 5 EASY Steps

WHO is your company? WHO is your Brand? What Is Your Brand? Where do you see your company headed? Where will the company be in a year, how about in 5 years, how about in 10 years? What are your goals? While creativity requires vision, vision requires believing. In yourself, in your brand, and in your goals. So create those vision boards, create your plans, and know that your dreams can quickly become a reality that begins with your companies branding.