Review Samples

Sample #1

Company Review Sample

Summary / Introduction:

With over 200 years of experience in the finance industry as a reliable, and trustworthy finance, and lending institution ______ is providing quality financial services to consumers across the United States without limitation to area with industry average and ethical interest rates, flexible loan terms, and broad loan amounts that are either fixed loans or revolving lines of credit based on the consumers present, and future needs based on credit history, and income. After opening it’s first branch in ____ in New York ___________ has proven to be a continuous asset to consumers, has an A+ Business rating with the better business bureau, and has over 4600 locations nationwide, and is the top chosen lender for companies that provide credit programs to consumers in retail. As the company has expanded and grown over the years the company has grown to provide services such as; checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s, IRA’s, numerous credit cards for most credit types, personal loans, home equity loans, mortgages, annuities, bonds, and even insurance to consumers all of which are FDIC insured for the consumers benefit.


In the history of the company ___________ has proven to be a reliable asset to consumers seeking credit, loans, and banking options across the nation, and even the world. With over 4600 locations nation wide the company primarily serves those consumers who fall in to the good to excellent credit ratings, and is the preferred retail creditor of most retail chains in business. With various options in personal loan lending it is important for consumers to know that they have many options when it comes to needing finance for various needs, and they can either get it through a personal loan or, revolving line of credit only being charged interest on the line of credit that they are actually using. A few of the benefits to choosing ___________ are:

  • Loan Amounts: With loan amounts ranging from $2,000.00 to $50,000.00 consumers are met with the ability to take out a loan that meets their needs, and fits their budget with trust, and confidence.
  • Interest Rates – With interest rates between 10.74% and 22.24% consumers are provided ethical interest rates that are average for the industry, and fair based on their location, credit history, and credit score.
  • Flexible Payment Terms – With loan terms ranging from one to five years ___________ is providing consumers the ability to pay off their loan over time with average payoff terms that are convenience for the consumer.
  • Same Day Funding – Consumers choosing to finance their loan through ___________ will be funded through ___________ on the same day through ___________ NA.
  • In House Lending – Unlike many competitors ___________ offers consumers the confidence and trust of in house lending meaning there is no middle man or, middle man agency to work through, and keeps personal information confidential and out of the eyes of any 3rd parties.
  • BBB Accredited – As a BBB accredited business (Insert BBB URL Here) with an A+ rating consumers can find confidence and trust in the history of the company as well as the accreditation.
  • Availability of Loans – ___________ offers loans in all states with no limitations.


For all of the good that ___________ offers there are a few characteristics to note that ___________ falls short on, and that consumers should be aware of prior to choosing to obtain a loan through the company. Although the benefits far outweigh the negatives, the negatives are still worth notating for the benefit of consumer knowledge. These negatives include:

  • Difficult To Obtain Financing – Many consumers will find that they will be rejected by ___________ even when other competitors say yes. Whether it is on a credit basis or, personal loan basis unknown rejections seem to take place even to consumers with near perfect credit on a frequent basis.
  • Questionable Loan Approval Process– Although ___________ states that they work with most credit types their primary consumer base is great to excellent credit consumers who do not have even of speck of negativity in their credit history. So although the company states that they will consider those with a 600 and above credit score this depends on the consumer’s credit history significantly, and the consumers that have a 600 credit score because, they are building new credit may be approved but, a consumer who has a 600 credit score because, they are rebuilding credit or, picking themselves back up may be immediately rejected making the loan approval process questionable.
  • Additional Fees – Depending on the type of loan offered, loan origination fees, and closing costs may be charged to the consumer. Consumers should be aware of all of the terms of their loan prior to closing on it.
  • History of Bad Practices – Although consumers are safer with a personal loan than other options, due to the fact that the company offers a revolving line of credit in their personal loan category it is important to notate to consumers that ___________ has a history over primarily the last 10 years of closing credit lines when a payment has never been late or missed due to miscellaneous credit checks on their consumer’s present state of credit in which, also negatively impacts the consumers credit score each time a check into the consumer’s credit is done. The credit checks are completed at random times during the duration of a consumers business with ___________, and if negative marks are seen anywhere the consumer’s card and account will be canceled out immediately if there has been something significant enough to cause any questions to arise from ___________ even if a payment has never been missed.

In Conclusion:

Although ___________ offers both good, and bad aspects of obtaining a loan through the company if a consumer has great to excellent credit or, are finding themselves in a position where they are wanting to continue to build credit for the first time ___________ may be the right company to obtain a loan through due to flexible payment terms, convenient loan amounts, ethical, and industry average interest rates, as well as a long term history as the company is over 200 years old, and is BBB Accredited with an A+ business rating. If consumer’s have great to excellent credit without specks on their history then, ___________ offers consumer in that category the best deal however, with the companies practices over the last ten years it is realistic for potential consumers of ___________ to be informed, and be aware of the questionable practices that numerous consumers have previously mentioned as the practices are unethical, and can do damage to a consumer’s credit if the practices continue over time.


Sample #2

Sample Review #2

Summary / Introduction:

Founded and based out of the British Virgin Islands, ____________ ( The URL) is providing consumers and businesses that would like to protect their privacy for gaming, general privacy or, business purposes the ability to remain completely anonymous while going about their “business” online. In its 6th year in business, ____________ is providing consumers with high quality server space in over 78 countries owning a total of 97 servers that consumers will find fast, reliable, and easy to set up with a 128 / 256 bit encryption. Although ____________ is a higher priced competitor in the VPN market the benefits in obtaining a VPN through them far outweighs the additional cost compared to their competitors in which the company offers a referral program to help reduce the cost of, and also offers consumers the opportunity to save up to 35% by purchasing an annual plan up front which is backed by the 30 day money back guarantee that the company offers its consumers if for some reason they are not satisfied with the service that they receive.


As one of the leading VPN providers in the industry, ____________ is providing its consumer base with services that protect their customers while meeting a security, and speed need that set them apart in the industry. ____________ supports all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, IOS, and Kindle as well as a wide range of routers, and gaming / media systems where consumers will find the capability to utilize 1 computer (either laptop or desk top) and one hand held device at the same time. After reviewing the specs on the company it is safe to say that ____________ offers the following services as a benefit to their consumer base including but, not limited to:

  • Reliability – After 6 years of serving consumers in the industry the company continues to expand their consumer base by providing VPN services to consumers that need a safe, secure way to browse the internet.
  • Security – ____________ stands firmly on their policy of keeping their user information private. IP Addresses utilized are never stored nor, is user browsing data.
  • Refund Policy – With a 30 day money back guarantee policy in place ____________ is providing consumers with the benefit of knowing that their purchase is safe with a refund policy that is fair, giving the consumer a reasonable amount of time to determine whether the service fits their needs.
  • High Speeds – With Fast browsing speeds consumers utilizing the ____________ service will find that their Internet speeds will not decrease by much. If for some reason there seems to be a bit of a lag in speed the consumer can try typically with success of logging on to a different server in a different part of the country to gain a higher quality speed that suits their needs.
  • Server Locations – With servers located in 78 countries across the globe including; Brazil, Russia, Isle of Man, France, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Panama, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, Italy, Denmark, Bahamas, Slovenia, Iceland, Sweden, Moldova, Taiwan, Lithuania, Indonesia, Venezuela, Europe, Romania, Poland, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Cyprus, , Serbia, Peru, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Vietnam, Germany, UK, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Malta, Hong Kong, Spain, Norway, Philippines, Greece, Latvia, Georgia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Colombia, New Zealand, Finland, Belgium, Albania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, USA, India, Croatia, Chile, Thailand, Algeria, and Switzerland with a total of 97 servers in all.
  • Customer Support – With numerous options to choose from including direct email, and 24/7 live chat, ____________ is providing consumers, and potential consumers the ability to contact the company to get support any time of the day for any reason with immediate response times, and courteous agents to assist them regardless of the issue.


Although the company provides many benefits to its customer base it is important to note that like all companies there are a few things that ____________ could improve on that are important factors for consumers to take note of when determining which VPN company they would like to do business with. These factors include but, are of course not limited to the following:

  • Not United States Based – Although ____________ has server space in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta the company is not based out of the United States but, is actually based out of the British Virgin Islands. Therefore, if a consumer chooses to do business with ____________ they need to be aware that if for some reason records of a consumer’s browsing history or, IP need to be pulled to prove their innocence or, prove another matter in any court there would be no data to pull from as the company does not have to adhere to the United States Cyber Laws or Data Recording Rules.
  • Pricing – Although ____________ is providing the benefits of service that it does, at a rate of speed that is faster than it’s competitors the company is charging consumers more than competitors are which can steer some consumers away. Their Pricing Plans are: $12.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 6 Months, and $99.95 Annually, with the Annual Package being at a 35% discount with the ability to utilize up to 1 computer device, and 1 portable device simultaneously.
  • Not BBB Accredited or Rated – Due to the fact that the company is based out of the British Virgin Islands ____________ is not BBB Accredited nor, is there a BBB rating to provide as the BBB only rates, and accredits those companies that are based out of the United States, and Canada.
  • Business Customers Are Left Out – Although gamers, and sole proprietors of various forms are easily taken care of with the services that ____________ offers, small and large businesses such as Media firms, Marketing Agencies etc… are left out. In not providing a plan for business consumers, it leaves business owners feeling as though they are being forced to purchase multiple accounts through the company with the only benefit being earning a free month for each account that is set up after 30 days of that account being active instead of an overall long term, discounted rate.

In Conclusion:

Although ____________ is Based out of the British Virgin Islands, and charges their consumer base more than their competitors the company is effectively offering what seems to be the best service when it comes to specs in the industry. If the company would reconsider it’s pricing policies offering a 4th pricing plan strictly for businesses so that numerous accounts would not have to be created the company would be able to dominate the VPN market. The choice however, is up to ____________, and it is a choice that they have not yet made. For gamers, personal use, and sole proprietors ____________ based on consumer reviews clearly shows potential customers considering a VPN service that this is the one to choose with excellent reviews, and benefits that in the eyes of many consumers have outweighed uncertainty, and the higher price primarily due to the companies promise of no logging, no tracking, and no invasions of privacy which is becoming a common as well as, understandable concern for today’s Internet users.



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