When The Universe Speaks Don’t Be Afraid to Listen & Act

theuniverseisspeakingThe universe is constantly speaking to us.  We look and ask for signs on things all the time and we are always gifted them but when you are gifted those messages and signs are you paying attention?

Are you listening?  Are you open when the universe speaks?  Are you listening when you are sent signs and messages that will lead you in the right direction?

What I’ve learned is that if you listen and then act the rewards for doing so are amazing.


With EmBe Writes for example everything that I have implemented I implemented because I was guided to by none other than the universe.  Even the business itself was something that I was guided to start.  While its so easy for so many to say “go out and get a job” for some people that isn’t feasible.  But when its not feasible a lot of people just give up and that doesn’t need to be the case.

Are you willing to act on what the universe is telling you to do?  If the universe is guiding you into doing something then it is doing so for reasons that you will only understand later after you act in full detail.

What happens if you choose not to act?

Do you really want to know the answer to this question?

The universe will do whatever it needs to do to wake you up, to shake you and get you to act in order to push you forward.

Take that for whatever you want to take it as but at some point the universe will get its way.

Trust me when I say the universe will tell us to do some things that we aren’t going to want to do.  Been there done that but I’m better for it and see that’s the interesting thing.  The universe always has a plan and most frequently its to show you and guide you into more.

Don’t be afraid to grow, don’t be afraid to listen and don’t be afraid to act on what you are being guided to do because there is always a reason.

So, what are you being guided to do that hasn’t been easy but is worth it?  Lets discuss in the comments section below…


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