Consistancy and Persistance


How much do you want what you want?  It’s a question that I have had to ask myself from time to time, and it’s a question I frequently ask many of the clients that come to me because many come to me not knowing what they want at all, and it’s the question that leads to understanding not only their brand but, themselves.


It seems like we all get lost from time to time and need to answer this question.

No matter what the subject is.  If you have a goal, and you are persistent about achieving it then you will but, if you remain consistent about that goal you will keep it once you achieve it.

What’s the point – Personally speaking, I don’t set goals to only hold on to them for a moment or the short term.  I go after what I want, and I set goals that have a long term purpose because, I pursue what matters to me, and I don’t give up.

Just because you’ve lost sight of your goals doesn’t mean that it will remain that way forever, and just because you have failed or struggled in the past doesn’t mean that the same will continue to happen if you keep getting back up and making dents in that glass ceiling.

See, unless something really matters to me I  just don’t care.  Very few things get my attention outside of growing my business these days, and if they matter they matter because they are important to me and because I see just as much of a long term place as my business has in my life.

What is this way for you?  What goals and dreams do you have that you need to persist harder on and be consistent regarding?

Keep after them.  Because you’re worth it.



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