Guest Blogging Opportunity For A Gentleman’s Lifestyle Blog

Guest Blogging Opportunity For Men at a mens fashion, style, lifestyle, and economic blog for men.

Are you a male blogger looking or guest blogging opportunities?  If so, I’m excited to announce that not only am I the website manager for, a gentleman’s lifestyle, relationship, fashion, grooming, fitness, and economic blog dedicated only to men but, I’m also the content editor and manager for the site, and I am presently looking for male guest bloggers that write on the following subjects.


Guest Blogging Opportunities Include These Categories:

  • Men’s Fashion – Send me your own original works dedicated to men’s fashion.  The latest trends in Coats, Jackets, Outfits, Accessories, and all the hot deals that will flood traffic to your stores.  (If you are an affiliate member – this is allowed from verifiable, approved stores such as amazon, and big box retailers)
  • Grooming For Men – Teach our younger generation how to properly groom themselves.  The latest hair trends, great hair products, how to’s on mustaches, and beards, why it’s okay to go get your brows tweezed, and waxed, and even the low down on masculine mani’s and pedi’s and why you should.  I’m well aware that I’m a chic but, hey it’s all good – Not that my opinion matters but, as a woman I actually appreciate a man who takes care of himself, and makes an effort to dress well, and look classy – Sexy – Yes, just sexy.
  • Women, Relationships, and The Single Life – This will be the fun part for me because I want in your heads so badly on this subject.   I’m a lucky woman because, I get the first looks and insight on this.  Do you like to write about women, dating, relationships, and even the good and ugly parts about the single life – go for it.  Serious, funny, straight to the point, how to gain younger women (keep it legal please), great 1st dates, the chase, the conquering, be real with me guys.  I want to hear about your experiences and the readers want your how to’s;   Wondering if something is off limits – Email me and ask or, just submit your article for consideration.  As long as it’s not crude, and vulgar I’m open, and totally not judgmental – I’ll probably laugh with you at a-lot of it.
  • Lifestyle – What does a gentleman’s lifestyle look like to you?  Bachelor Pads, Man Caves, Drink Mixing, BBQ tips, Entertaining Tips and anything that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories fits in here.  Submit your Debener article along with a bio of yourself, and teach others how to live life your way.
  • Fitness – Perfect for fitness coaches, wellness coaches, nutritionists, and personal trainers if it has to do with living a lifestyle that is healthy – It’ll probably fit into this category, and if not – The Gentleman’s space will still accept your original works.
  • Economics – Career Help, Money saving tips, building and maintaining a savings plan, and personal budget, Business, Startup tips, Encouragement to keep pursuing your goals – Lets influence other men on matters of money, career, and business.


If you’re looking for Guest Blogging opportunities and are a male blogger please feel free to begin emailing me your Bio’s and original content pieces of at least 1000 words and up to 5 photos for each post to

Credit will be granted to you as the original author, and a link to either your website, blog and preferred social channels will be included with each post you submit.  If you would rather remain anonymous that is okay as well.  Just notate that in your email including your original post uploaded in .doc format.

So again, if you are a male blogger that is looking for guest blogging opportunities I look forward to hearing from you and working with you as the Website Manager and Managing Editor of

2017 Is already proving to be off to a great start.  Want to take flight with me as a fellow writer that is looking for Guest Blogging Opportunities?  Contact me today.

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional

Managing Editor Of: a Gentleman's lifestyle website for men

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