Believe In Yourself Because You’re Worth It

insecuritiesWe all have them.  Those insecurities that tell us that we need more, need to do more, need to be more, aren’t enough, aren’t good enough, aren’t deserving enough etc… etc… etc…

What if you are though?  What if you don’t need more, don’t need to do more, don’t need to be more, are enough, are good enough, are deserving enough etc… etc.. etc…

What a concept, right?  Yet, what I’m realizing is that it’s a common struggle, a common battle, and a common hindrance in life.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.  Let’s face it.  Our insecurities are very loud.  Our insecurities can cripple us, hinder us, and stagnate us to the point that we settle for less than what we are meant for.  Our insecurities can cause us to make poor choices, isolate ourselves, cause others to hurt in ways that many will never even begin to understand and even lead others to a point where being and staying alone seems better than getting hurt again because, we’ve been hurt repetitively the same way one to many times.

love-yourselfSometimes loving yourself enough to walk away from what hurts you quite literally means being alone because, what has hurt you are the very people that you trusted and believed wouldn’t hurt you leaving you with no one but, when you’re in that position it also leaves room to grow into building new friendships, new relationships, and other new beginnings with authenticity as the foundation of those new relationships.

The journey isn’t always easy, sometimes it can be incredibly lonely but, building relationships based on authenticity, where you don’t have to hide or be anyone other than yourself and be accepted for the person that you actually are can prove to be well worth it in the end, and the best thing that could possibly happen even if it means losing things and people that we are afraid to lose.


Growing to understand that you are enough begins with acknowledging who you really are for all that you are.  Why do we feel like we need to put a mask on?  Why do we feel like we need to change who we are to be accepted by another?  The truth is that we don’t.  Life has taught me that I can be real with all of the people that have come into my life since I made a choice to be authentic, and go with what I was being guided to do even when it didn’t make sense, even when I found myself being made the center of attention in a very negative spotlight, and even when I felt like I was being pushed to the extremes because, no one would ever put up with the amount of garbage that I have and still be standing according to many who know me well enough to know what I’ve fought the after math of for everything that it has consisted of.

There Is No Force More Powerful THan A Woman Determined To Rise. Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself.A woman who is determined to rise isn’t going to stay in the pile of ashes that other people and their choices burned her into forever.  Eventually, she’s going to rise into a Phoenix, a Dragon, a Raven or, some other very powerful winged spirit animal and come back to kick some spirit led ass where it’s karmically due.  While she may not have karma as the focus, her rising, her climbing, and her determination to rise to her true potential is going to motivate her, and a little to often lately I’ve been asked the “What motivates you?” Question and the foundation of it all is this very subject because, I’m extremely purpose driven, and find myself speaking the same things that I’ve learned into others who are coming to me with similar circumstances.  If you are in that position, know that you are enough, believe that you deserve more than what is holding you back, and know that fear is an illusion that can be defeated with enough strength, and will power because, you deserve the accomplishment of your goals and dreams even if you don’t have the vision to make it happen yet.









Where you are at is not where you are meant to remain.  Grow to understand that some people come into our lives to heal us, and teach us who we are in order to prepare us for who we are actually meant for and when their time and season is finished there is no holding on to it out of fear, security or, any other illusion based reason that there is, and don’t justify your insecurities with actions that empower the negativity in your insecurities feeding them with more justification as to why you aren’t enough, aren’t good enough, will never get to the accomplishment of your goals etc…because the truth is that you are enough, you are good enough, you do deserve the accomplishment of your goals, and only you can fulfil your mission, and purpose because, there is no other you out there.  While many may want to be you, and while many try to get the attention of those meant for you there is only one you, and you are worthy, and deserving of what is meant for you.  Nothing and no one can change that but, before it can happen you first have to believe that to be true, and believe in yourself and your ability to be authentically you.

Do you believe in yourself?  Do you believe in the authenticity that is yours and only yours?

If not Why?


Because You’re Worth It.

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional



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