Defeating Stagnation & Finding Your Joy

There Is No Force More Powerful THan A Woman Determined To Rise. Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself. I’m doing something a little different today in the sense that I’m combining Authenticity Thursday with Friday Favorites because, while I’ve got a lot on my plate, and have started the Branding process for 3 new clients this week something happened yesterday, and I found myself needing to put myself in time out because, between a full plate of work which only seems to be growing and I’m not complaining about it, and female hormones that are all over the place this week, a self-imposed “Time out” needed to happen before I said something that I would later regret but, the more I’ve thought about it, stewed on it etc… the more I have realized that I’m fed up, feeling pushed, feeling unappreciated, feeling exhausted, and a multitude of other things because I’m fed up with all of the things that are bringing and weighing me down because, the more we are weighed down the more we are held back from growth, and coming into our true selves and true purpose.

We aren't meant for Stagnation

Let’s face it.  When we feel like we are stagnant or stuck it sucks.  There’s just no other way to put it.  What’s holding you back, what’s keeping you stuck?  What’s Blocking you?  What brick wall is in front of you?

Can I be blunt ( I am a NYer afterall), Can I be real, Can I be honest?

Whatever the answer to those questions are…. Knock those damn walls down, jump over the rubble, and keep running towards the end goal that you are trying to defeat until you come face to face with it (again) and then have the courage to smile knowing you did it.

You deserve to feel and experience your joy

The truth is, is that once you find your joy you don’t want to lose it.  And yet, unfortunately, I’ve learned that the universe has its way of making that happen because of the blocks of others and even our own inner blocks.  We deserve our joy.  We deserve to feel, express, and even be able to radiate that joy onto others but, getting to that place of finding it, experiencing it, and then being able to show it is not easy.  And yet the truth is that we’re meant to find joy, and feel joy in order to be light to others, to make a difference, to be authentic, and teach authenticity to others.  There are countless reasons why finding and feeling your joy is the goal to have however, our blocks prevent us from achieving that goal.

So what do you do then?  The answer is work on those inner blocks.  While it isn’t going to happen over night it starts with connecting your mind to your heart and soul because, our mind has been corrupted, polluted, and filled with a lot of garbage over the years, and it affects our ability to be authentic, to believe in ourselves, and to grow into, and create abundance for ourselves.

Begin with healing yourself, move into believing in yourself, and from there watch as joy begins to present itself, and manifest in the physical.

So put on your crown, and remind them that you aren’t just anyone and you’ll find that the journey of doing so is definitely worth it.

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional

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