Friday Favorites Does Your Website Banner Reflect Your Brand?

Friday Favorites at focuses on Branding, Design, Content and Everything in between as I work on Client Projects.

One of my favorite parts of being hired by a client is the point in time when I get to begin putting all of my creative design ideas into motion for a clients website.

Branding is a lot more than just a pretty logo.  Branding is the design and feel of your entire website, and that website in it’s completion needs to represent your Brand, it’s philosophy, it’s value statements, and it’s client base in color, action, content, and more.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from someone that refers me quite a bit of business who asked me for my opinion on what was in front of him and once I got into brain storming mode I found a-lot.

See, when you call and hire I don’t just analyze your website for you, I provide you with solutions, and immediately what I couldn’t get my mind off of was the banner on the home page of this client’s website. turns a chaotic website layout into creative branding and design that fits your Atlanta Business.

Chaos doesn’t have to remain.  When you look at this website graphic, destruction is very easy to fall into.  Where do you start, what is that graphic? What is the message, what call to action if any is the business or brand asking the website visitor to accomplish?

While I have fully analyzed this website I have come up with a very long list of changes that need to be made, and in doing so, I’ve turned the website banner chaos found above into something that is much more specific to this Atlanta Business, and the target audience that they are trying to reach.

Extreme isn’t always Necessary.  Especially when my clients are utilizing the graphic as a call to action graphic.

What’s the result?

Website Graphics, and Website Banners Made By

I love getting to create.  It’s fun, and enjoyable to me but, it’s something that for a very long time I didn’t think that I could do therefore, didn’t even attempt it, and then starting with my own Logo and Graphics I started teaching myself, and got a little help here and there from someone else.  This one though is one of my favorites because, it connects spirituality which is important to me with business at the same time, and it’s great.

Honestly, I’d love a metaphysical store, blog or, website to design.  I’ve been wanting one for over a year now but, it never seems to come so, I’ll keep moving forward while still wanting one, and working on the several clients that I have scheduled into the next few months.  Maybe by the time that I’m finished with all of the things that I have lined up for new client websites one will show up.  (Yes, I really want one.) So if you are needing to design a new blog, website or, store and are looking for affordability and are on a startup budget definitely contact me because, it’s definitely a favorite thing but, it’s also something that I am realizing that I’m constantly getting pulled into and towards.

Are you struggling with creating or matching graphics to the vision of your Brand?  Contact today or leave me a comment in the comments section below, and lets talk about how we can create graphics and website banners that reflect your brand vision and goals.

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional


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