Living Authentically – 7 Questions To Ask Yourself In Order To Live A More Authentic Life In Action

Living Authentic - Every Thursday At EmBe Writes shares tips and advice on how to be more authentic in your daily life, and career

Being Authentic Doesn’t Say:  “Don’t Be afraid To Be yourself”,  Instead Authenticity says; “Be afraid to conform into someone that you aren’t.”

I know what you are going to say.  “Yeah right, that’s easier said than done.” Or, “I’m already doing that.”

Are you really living authentically, though?  Honestly, truly speaking are you really living your authentic truth(s) and being authentically yourself?

See, there was a time when I thought I was but, what I realize now that I didn’t then is that I was living blindly, naively, and very much so in the cycle of everything that wasn’t the real me while trying to fit in and please everyone around me.

As I look back on that period of time I realize just how miserable I quickly became, as I look back I realize that I chose to make choices without realizing what I was doing that led me to my own demise and hurt others in the process (people that I truly care about and love deeply) trying to make choices that weren’t of authenticity at all but, instead were all out of appeasement of everyone elses expectations of me.

Authenticity isn’t easy.  For as easy as it should be, society doesn’t make it easy.  We’ve grown up being influenced by religious, and worldly rules that often have 0 to do with our highest good, and true spiritual nature and selves.  Dogma is a very real thing.  Christians are not going to like that I am saying this but, time and experience has taught me that, this is a very real thing, and it’s the biggest hurdle to get past in order to lead the authentic life.

What Stops Us From Being Authentic?

What stops us from being authentic comes down to one thing.  Fear.

What are you afraid of?  If you can be honest about what you are afraid of and defeat that fear through action you are making the conscious choice of being authentic and only then can living authentically begin.  Fear is a negative vibration, it tells us that we can’t, shouldn’t, aren’t allowed etc to be something other than what we are or, that we can’t, shouldn’t or, aren’t allowed to live in our true authenticity.

2017 is the year of Truth and Authenticity and in order to live in truth and authenticity we need to admit, embrace, and then make conscious efforts in action to begin living our truths.

What’s really holding you back from living authentically?  Yourself.

Understand that authenticity comes from within.  No one knows what your personal truths are except for yourself (and those that you choose to share those truths with).  No one else can tell you what is right for you except you, and no one else can manipulate you into fearing things that don’t need to be feared because it better serves their hidden agendas and purposes.

There is a healthy selfishness that seeks to embrace who you are, what you are, and better yourself and your current situation as well as to live a light based and joy filled life and then there is a toxic selfishness that seeks to implant fear, and other negativity because that’s how some people choose to walk through life.  The later of the two destroys.  The later of the two has the capability of causing real harm to others, and the later of the two can prevent much needed forward progress that doesn’t represent authenticity at all but instead entraps people into illusions, and deceptive lives forcing people to fear that they will always have to live walking around with a mask on.

What’s Behind Your Mask?  Behind Your Mask Is The Real You, Behind The Mask Is The Authentic You.  Take The Mask Off And Get To Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Embrace Yourself, Accept Yourself, and Go Be Authentically You.  Because You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are.

Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself, Be afraid to conform into someone you aren't.

Choosing to live an authentic life means choosing your own inner pride and joy in a healthy way that shines light into the lives, and onto the hearts and eyes of others.

We have the capability of influencing others.  Changing situations that have long needed to be changed, empowering others with light-filled messages, and yet many choose to never live authentically so that this can happen.

Ask Yourself These Questions To Begin Living An Authentic Life That Influences and Inspires Others:

  1.  Who Am I?
  2. What Do I Want?
  3. How Can I Serve / Lead Others and Feel Good (Or Joy) As I Serve / Lead Another?
  4. What am I Grateful For?
  5. Why Am I Grateful For It?
  6. What Brings You Healthy Pride and Joy?
  7. How Can You Use Your Pride and Joy In Order To Influence Others?

Start your day asking these questions, write the answers down, and repeat daily.  Some days some of these answers may change.  We evolve all the time, we grow to want things daily that we weren’t sure that we wanted yesterday, a month ago, 6 months ago or, a year ago, and realize that the answers from time to time and even day to day change.  And then realize that Authenticity can only come from knowing yourself, and knowing what you want as well as why you want it and then go after it relentlessly until you reach your desired result.

Authenticity can be achieved but, you have to be willing to put the work in, in order to achieve that state of being.  Meditation helps, getting in tune with your higher self helps but, that takes time, effort, and work as well, and when you begin making a habit of doing this you will grow to understand that, that is how results come that lead to an Authentic Life with purpose, joy, and even a tad bit of healthy pride – in yourself, and your achievement of something that is harder to accomplish than most are willing to put the work in to achieve for themselves.


Are you on a mission to live an Authentic life?  Have you already accomplished it?  Share your stories, and thoughts in the comments section below.  I’d love to connect with you.

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional

2 thoughts on “Living Authentically – 7 Questions To Ask Yourself In Order To Live A More Authentic Life In Action

  1. yes, I have been on a mission to live a more authentic life for the past couple of years. I find I am more happier now. Unbeknownst to me, I had “left” my authentic self trying to climb the corporate ladder, advance my career etc. Once I starting living an authentic life the advancement of career, increase in salary and acknowledgment followed. Great post.

    1. I agree. The career area is where I frequently see people leaving authenticity and chasing after money which forces them to lose themselves. Is working 60 hrs a week really worth losing yourself? Is staying with someone you don’t love just because of the money and security that comes with that relationship really worth losing yourself? Is living to appease whether we are talking about family, spouses, significant others, religious rules or, friends really worth the loss of our authentic self? I know my answer but, it came through a lot of really hard lessons. Thanks for commenting, following, and engaging in the discussion. I’m glad you liked the post.

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