Stop Over thinking but, Never stop listening, learning, and growing.

Overthinking creates problems that Don't even existI’m sure you’ve seen the quote and so have I.  “Overthinking creates problems that don’t even exist.” It’s true, and while I’ve known that I do this a-lot because some people in my life constantly remind me of this it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized just how much of a problem I can create for myself by worrying about quite literally nothing.

As I take a new found journey into exploring Leadership that has been creeping it’s way into my life over the last several months naggingly I realize that while I’ve known I’m suppose to do this all along, until now I’ve come at it from the wrong place and quite honestly with the wrong things as the foundation or, at least tried to initiate it through the wrong channels because, quite honestly some people will never see that they are holding other people back, and that’s just sad.

I fought the moment in time of looking in the mirror at myself metaphorically speaking for a very long time but, when I did I saw someone that I didn’t know.  I saw someone that had become so use to being what everyone around me needed or wanted me to be that I no longer knew myself, and then one day I said no more, and suddenly I was on the path of a completely new beginning and growing to embrace the real me for all of me.



What happens when you are being forced to conform – You over think everything.  Problems, issues, and negative garbage from the past creep in telling you that things are identical to whatever situation is coming to mind, this person is just like this person of the past, you aren’t good enough, you aren’t deserving enough etc…. etc…. etc….

What are you going to believe?  The Self Doubt and the Lies or, Are You Going To Believe What You Know To Be True?  

I’ve grown a-lot in the year.  I’ve come into my true self in a way that I’m not sure that I’ve ever quite accomplished before, and I’ve taken this business, set goals, tackled them, and achieved them, and realized that I’ve outgrown, and risen above the obstacles, and defeated them but, the only way to do those things is to know yourself, know your goals, face your fears, and then defeat them, even if that means falling flat on your face a few times until you finally accomplish what it is that you want and need to accomplish.  But over thinking every little detail only hinders that progress.

Overthinking creates a lot of problems, where does it come from though?  How can we combat it?  And How do you begin seeing that if you just let things come, grow, and evolve into what they are meant to evolve into life becomes so much easier because, where we are isn’t meant to last.

Lolly Daskal (Follow Her On Twitter Here) wrote a post on this very subject, and it’s quite honestly straight to the point, and spot on.  In her post for Inc titled 10 Simple Ways That You Can Stop Yourself From Overthinking she highlights that the primary reason that we do this is because of our Fear.  What if we were to stop fearing whatever we are fearing and face our truths in order to instill change, make progress, and start again to create what is needing to be created?  Why do we run from what we are suppose to face?   Why do we try to excuse away truth when we are being led to face it, and rise?  Perfection doesn’t exist, and as I reflect back on the conversations that have led me to write this post I see that, that was one of my fears even up until recently.  One of my biggest fears up until recently was that of not being enough, not being good enough, and yes, not being perfect because, I don’t know it all.  While there are many things that I know, and while there are truths that lead me to make choices that are made with more certainty even when they don’t make sense that sometimes it scares even me what I’m growing to realize is that when I sit around contemplating, when I sit around weighing pros and cons, and sitting on a hampster wheel I’m completely and totally over thinking, and projecting my own fears and insecurities into the universe instead of giving power to authenticity, and positive things that reflect me, and my own truths, and just in case anyone is wondering, I’m absolutely positive of what they are.  I know who I am, I know what I want, and I am not willing to walk away and give up on the things that I want the most because, they matter.

“You didn’t come this far to only get this far.”

That quote couldn’t apply more and it fits into this post perfectly so, there we go.

We’re meant to grow, we’re meant to evolve, We’re meant to be authentic, and be who we are without fear of repercussions from our own truths for whatever those truths are, and the journey to getting there isn’t always easy but, it is worth it because, sometimes we need to admit to ourselves that there is more that we are meant for, and it’s through admitting that, that the process of finding out just what that thing is, begins to present itself.

You matter.  What you want matters.  Your truth Personal Power comes from picking up the pieces, defeating self doubt, and becoming authentically you.matters.  You just need to believe that, that is true, need to believe in yourself, and need to surround yourself with the people who affirm and empower you with a brighter, better you in order to make yourself believe in the power of you again.  Because Yes —>

While you may not have Superhero Powers you do have personal power, learn it, understand it, and use it to better serve those who come into your life.

Because everyone we meet serves a purpose.  Some are here to love and be loved, some are here to teach, and others, well then there are others who, if we listen closely enough, we’ll still find the lessons because, there’s always a lesson – and there is always a reason.  Stop Over thinking but, Never stop listening, learning, and growing.  Because you deserve it.

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