Introducing Social Media #EmBeism Wednesday’s

EmBeism is Wisdom, Suggestions, Encouragement, and Quotes That Are Meant To Inspire and Encourage Readers To Live Their Purpose.Recently, in the last couple of months or so, my spirit has been guiding me to do something a little different.  When it comes to 2017 there are some big changes coming at EmBe Writes but, that’s going to take a lot of time to prep, plan for, and design.  While I’m working on it and doing pretty well on it apparently it’s not fast enough for some up in the higher realms because in the middle of a facebook group convo Carol from Carol Mary Love gave me an interesting confirmation and nudge at the same time that things need to change but, now is the time to begin implementing it all.

There have been a lot of things going through my head lately.  Therefore, There are many changes coming:  While I am only announcing the below for right now trust me when I say there is much more coming including a Platform change over to  Yes, and my clients will laugh – I’m finally taking my own advice to them, and taking flight for to many reasons to mention today.

So for the 2017 year here’s what my followers can expect on Social Media:

Each day of the week will now have a theme on Social Media so head on over and check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and connect with me there throughout the week.

Mondays:  Magicial Motivational Mondays – Sounds interesting right?  Music, Quotes, and Inspiration to motivate the dreariest day of the week.

Tuesdays:  Topic Tuesdays – Creativity Inspires

Wed: EmBeisms – Words, Quotes, and Wisdom for Life, Career, and Business

Thursdays: – Authentic Thursdays – Authenticity is the mission of 2017 – Let’s be real and honest with one another.

Friday: – Favorite Fridays – We all have our favorite parts of life.  Favorite Friday’s highlights a little something every week.

Saturday: – Let’s Get Social With Social Saturdays.  This is an Anything goes day.  I’m being lazy but, let’s get social and engage with one another.

Sunday: – Spiritual Sunday’s – Authenticity, Authenticity, Authenticity – Who Are You, What Do You Want, Who Are You Now Vs Who Are You Suppose to be or meant to be?  Yup, I’m going there, You’re going there, and We’re Going there together.   Are you ready to fly?  Let’s do this.

So, these are just a few things that are going on right now.  Yes, a lot of change.  A-Lot of Change that will be worth it.

I’m excited about these Social Media plans for 2017.

How can EmBe Writes help you build your Brand and Strategy in order to take flight?

EmBe Writes Atlanta's Freelance Writer, Content Manager and Branding Professional


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