Listening To The Voice Within Isn’t Easy But It’s Worth It

Personal Growth Starts With Listening To The Voice Within. What is that voice telling you to do and why

We don’t always get it right but, when we do there is this knowing.  Many clients come to me confused.  They know what they want but, they aren’t thinking about the big picture, and all of the factors that come into play when building something for the long term.

You can’t build something long term if you aren’t willing to put in the work to get there.  If you are looking at starting something new just for the adventure, and instant gratification it isn’t the right reasons to start something new, and what it will lead to is failure, loss, self doubt, and an end result that isn’t what you really want.

I’ve spent a little over 2 years now focusing on myself, and my business.  I’ve cut a lot of people out of my life as the result of this, I’ve built new connections, and built new goals, surrounded myself with people who want me to be happy, and want me to achieve my goals, and in the process of it all learned who my real friends were.

The voice within guided me to start to begin with, and after putting it down out of appeasement, and then picking it back up with a fresh perspective I have let that voice guide me into making what it is today.

Recently, I found myself working on a Logo for a new client.  I’m the woman who turns my Uber drivers into clients, and when I met the owner of Thrive for Women I immediately knew that it was a universal thing, and we were being brought to each other.  A few days before Christmas, I picked up the phone, told her about my current special, and found myself drafting up a contract and shooting it over to her to sign, and get started in on.

The next morning even though we hadn’t really started the full creative process for branding that I have set up, I found myself on one of my design programs because while I was drinking a cup of coffee that Saturday morning, something told me to go and find a flame, and turn it purple.  Easy enough.  I went and started digging through stock photos, picked one, and colorized it to a beautiful shade of Purple that will fit the rest of her Branding because we knew purple was an absolute. From there I picked a font that will work well in both Print and Web Resolution took a screenshot and uploaded it to Instagram, and sent it to her in an email and the response shocked even me.  She loves it, other designers are privately and publicly messaging me, complimenting me on my usage of lighting, shadows, and color, and it was just an all around great choice that never would have come into existence if it weren’t for listening to that voice within.


See, I’ve always said that “I couldn’t draw you anything to save my life.”  But, in odd little ways I’ve been pushed to learn to create in order to stop saying that.  While I still can’t draw, in talking to my clients I get a very clear understanding of where they are going, and what they are wanting, I listen, reflect, and even subconsciously meditate on words, but, that flame message that day was abundantly clear, and the color purple made perfect sense not just in one way but, in two (One reflective of the brand, and one that was a personal direct message to me because, everything that comes to me comes to me for a reason and I’ve learned to not ignore those messages.)

So, what’s the point?

Stop doubting yourself.  

Stop doubting your inner voice.

Come to realize that if you want to grow you have to be willing to stop, and listen, and then act in order to move forward out of stagnation.

How can help you move out of stagnation today?

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