If Content Is Queen At EmbeWrites.com Then What Is King?

Content is Queen At EmBeWrites.com making Sales King to those who come to EmBe Writes for Branding, Web Design, Freelance Writing, Content Writing, Blog Management, Social Media Management, Career Assistance, and Personal Development in Atlanta and Beyond.

Recently, as I was doing some evaluating, my own cheekiness started to cause me to ask myself a question. “If Content is Queen at EmBe Writes then, what is King.” I’d never asked myself that question before, never even began to think about it actually, and the reason why is because, I’d never really taken the time to, and yet about 2 weeks ago, the answer just randomly came to me.

When you look around EmBeWrites.com you will see a lot of services. From Branding, and Design, to Personal Growth, to Professional Growth, and to SEO, Keyword Research, and various aspects of Internet Marketing all in which have two purposes – to build community and to increase leads, conversions, and clients. This all leads to the same thing when you really get down to the reality of what every single of those aspects of my business services leads to.

Therefore, Because Content is Queen at EmBe Writes the answer to the question of what is King at EmBe Writes is quite simple:

Sales are King at EmBe Writes.


  • A high quality and fully functioning website that works across all platforms at a budget that is realistic for those that come to me is designed to generate website traffic, which lead to sales.
  • A Well Branded Business or, Persona leads to across the board Professional Relationship and Community Building Which Increases Sales.
  • A Custom, Uniquely Designed Social Media Strategy that captures the attention and gains the respect of potential clients as well as informs them increases Sales.
  • Custom Graphics – Gains Attention, Draws your target audience in, and captivates them – leads to sales.
  • Content – What is the right content style for you, your business, and your brand? There are many forms of content, and determining which content style works for you, your brand, your business, and your industry all depends on your industry and knowing your audience. All of which lead to increased sales.
  • Strategy – The subject that ties everything above in together. Strategy is about analysis before anything else. What works, What does the audience want? What does the audience look for? What information are they seeking? A professional looks at all of these aspects (and many more) in order to determine the right strategy to take which affects everything above and yes, increases sales because, in order to achieve results which are increased sales, a custom strategy needs to be put into place that works for your budget, and business.

How does Sales tie into personal growth and professional growth at EmBe Writes?

About EmBeWrites Final xcf

Many of the individuals that come to me aren’t just in need of career assistance but, they more frequently than most realize are needing a what I call a “Life Line”. They are at their Wits end, and at the bottom. What they need is to be taught to believe in themselves. What they need is to be reminded of who they really are, and what they are really seeking, and what they need is to re-learn how to love themselves, and go after their dreams and goals in order to find not just their happiness but, their joy again because, the truth is that it is all to easy in this world to get to a place of just living day to day and forgetting that there is more to life than what has become the mundane, and we’re meant to do more than just pay bills and die.

Personal growth is what leads to career growth, and creates a happier life that is full of purpose rather than more of the mundane and worry.

EmBe Writes helps clients that come to me re-find their joy, and live a more purposeful life one step at a time through working closely with my clients to regain their confidence in order to achieve their goals.

So whether we are talking about selling our own confidence or, turning leads into conversions through one of the many EmBeWrites.com services, while Content is and always will be Queen at EmBeWrites.com Sales, in effect, will always be King.

Are you a startup ready to get started and take flight on your new Brand today? How about a Real Estate Agent that is tired of depending on your Broker for leads and want to generate more Real Estate business?

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