Branding – It’s Not Just About Your Logo

Branding Is More Than Just Your Logo. Branding Is About Building Relationships and Community Before Your

Branding is a subject that comes with a wide range of assumption and confusion.

Whether you are Branding yourself or Branding your business the first thing that you need to realize is that Branding is about a lot more than just your Logo, and while Logo creation does happen within the Branding phase at Logo creation itself is the last step of the Branding process.


Let me explain:

Branding for all that it consists of relies heavily on you knowing what you want, determining, and understanding who your target audience, and target clients are, and then preparing to target that consumer market through first gaining their attention, and then their respect.  Welcome to the limelight that is called Branding your business and Branding yourself.

A Few Branding Questions To Ask Yourself:

Who are you / What Is Your Business?

What is your Trademark and Tag Line?

What Is Your Niche Market?

What Clients Do You Want To Attract?

Do you Want To Remain In That Niche Or Expand Into Other Areas Over Time?

When a client chooses EmBe Writes they choose to put a lot of hard work in throughout the entire start to finish process of all of my services.  And while these top 5 questions are included in my Branding Questionnaire that gets completed as a client intake procedure on every client that comes to me for Branding, and Creative Website design there are an additional 35 questions within my questionnaire that many who come to me aren’t prepared to answer but, are grateful that I ask these questions because, the questions make them think ahead and anticipate topics, subjects, and even members of their target audience that they were possibly previously forgetting.

The Whole Purpose Of Branding Is To Bring You To A Place Where You Can Attract Your Target Audience, and Turn Leads Into Conversions When You Are Ready To Take Flight.

Are you ready to take flight?

Do You Know What Fly Stands For At


Apply this to Branding and what does it look like?  You can’t love yourself until you know yourself, and once you know yourself you have to accept yourself in order to love yourself.

Take one step at a time and put it into action.

Hiding behind a screen doesn’t bring forward progress.

Pick up the phone, type out an email, and choose to assist you in creating the brand that your clients, customers, and target audience will love, and respect.



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