Website Design Specials, Content Writing Specials, Career Services, and Blog Management All On Sale at All December Long!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with these Creative Business Solutions Including Website Design, Content Writing, Business Contracts, Blog Management, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Real Estate Marketing, and More Up To 50% Off. Get the lowest prices of the season on Business Marketing, Business Writing, and Career Help located in Atlanta, Georgia but, providing services Nationwide across the United States.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Let your heart be light.  You know the song, and between that, Here Comes Santa Clause, and  Jingle Bells all 3 songs have been rotating around in my head all morning as first I finished up a call with a new client, and then further once I started toying around with my own elf mentality to finish determining what month long specials I was going to be offering all of you this month.

So here we are as in olden days, happy golden days…..REALLY?

What’s gotten into me?  I don’t know but, it feels an awful lot like joy so, I’m grateful for it, am enjoying it, and you get to reap the benefits of it:  Are you ready?  Are you excited?

So, Here Comes Santa Clause; Let’s Do This:  

Freelance Writing &  Content Writing

40% Off Everything on my Freelance Writing Page, and Website Content.   Looking to start a new business, need content for a landing page or squeeze page created?  How about Custom Business Contracts, Email Opt In Content, Real Estate City Pages, Real Estate County Pages, Target Area Content for Small Business for improved SEO utilizing target audience keywords?  It’s all 40% off all month long!

Blog Management – Lowest Prices Ever

4 Posts Monthly – $75.00

8 Posts Monthly – $150.00

Lets talk about your audience, your brand, and your niche.  Do you have topic suggestions but, just don’t have the time to write them out?  Let’s talk. Blog Management services are all on sale at their lowest prices ever!  Take this opportunity to obtain quality Blog Management, at an affordable price designed for Real Estate agents, musicians, bands, travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, relationship blogs, and metaphysical blogs.


With design, competitor analysis, branding, content writing, SEO, and 8 Blog Posts Included prices on this special begin at $425.00  All month long.  (Go Daddy, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and WordPress Sites Only)  HTML & Custom Coded Sites are also available contact to schedule a meeting with myself, and my UI/UX Developer.

E-Commerce Sites:  

You are included in on this deal as well, and your pricing starts at $525.00 (Contact me to discuss platform options and needs.)

On a tight budget?  Do you know about my Layaway Your Website Program?  Check It Out.


Career Services:

Are you ready to begin a new job search?  Does your resume need refreshing, how about your cover letter?  Do you need to practice your interviewing skills?  All of my career services this December are 40% off.  Take advantage and lets get you the next right job for you through my targeted career goal and empowerment tactics that put and keep you on the right track.

Are you excited?  Are you ready to take the next step to goal achievement, and dream accomplishment?  Let’s talk and make this happen together.  Progress is only a conversation a way.

Contact Today.


Happy Holidays


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