Real Estate Internet Marketing With Pinterest

How To Use The Pinterest Search Engine To Generate More Leads Into Your Sales Funnel By Combining it With Your Real Estate Blog Content that will grow your contact database, increase your local traffic, & get buyers and sellers interested in your knowledge by gaining their respect before ever picking up the phone to contact you. Stop Cold calling, & start building trust and respect to generate the clients that will grow your Real Estate Business.

As I previously discussed Pinterest is more than just a Social Media network. People mistakenly believe that it’s just a social platform to save recipes, plan weddings, and get some interior decorating and gardening advice but, what if I could convince you that there is more? What if I could convince you that there is a lot more, and because there is so much more to Pinterest than what you are aware of you are heavily missing out on growth potential that can not be attained in any other way, through any other platform, and at a faster rate than what you will be generating growth by trusting in Pinterest to take your web traffic to unimaginable levels all while generating REAL leads where you aren’t competing with the rest of the 4700 Real Estate agents in Atlanta.

Does it sound to good to be true? It’s not. Pinterest is the most frequently utilized platform for advice. Taking precedence over even Google for tips, tricks, and advice for the journey that your potential and future clients are about to embark on in buying and or selling a home. So why aren’t you utilizing the internet’s newest search tool to generate more leads?

The Benefits:

Benefit #1 Website Traffic

Using Pinterest marketing to drive traffic to your website and blog is the way to bring the most leads to you that are fresh. Pinterest as I described in a recent post has it’s own form of SEO, and once you learn how to navigate the platform, search for keywords, and learn about the Pinterest Algorithm, you’ll find yourself growing your website and blog traffic by steady streams in no time that will continue to bring website traffic to you through organic pinterest SEO years down the road. The longer your Pin is there, and the more it gets liked and shared the higher it becomes ranked therefore, your marketing is done for you through Pinterest itself. All you need to do is write those pin descriptions in a way that captivates interest.

Benefit #2 Brand Building

Pinterest is the source of great content but, what most frequently builds a great brand? The values that the brand is founded on correct? That answer should be a yes. So if that is the case how do we relay our Brand’s values? How do you share valuable content in a way that it gets out that this is your brand, this is your business, this is your company, and you are ready to grow in all of those things because you value yourself, and value your clients? Since Pinterest is a visually based social media platform and search engine, highlighting homes, highlighting happy buyers, highlighting happy sellers, and talking about the trials, and tribulations with applicable photos to coincide with those real life issues is going to gain the attention and respect of those that come across your blog, and stumble on the pin once it is uploaded into pinterest.

Benefit #3 Influencer Building With Social Media

Marketing with Pinterest is the best way to highlight to your target audience that you are your niche’s local expert. Getting found on Pinterest and visually showing that you know the area and your niche better than your competitors. This is powerful proof with the help of social media that could become the selling factor that gains you your new buyers, sellers, renters, and even referrals through other Real Estate agents and Real Estate brokers in other states and areas.

Benefit #4 Lead Generation

You know it and I know it. Lead Generation in Real Estate is not easy. Every FSBO seller gets on average 172 phone calls from Real Estate agents wanting to win their business. With Pinterest you have the opportunity to reach FSBO Sellers, and unreached sellers before they even begin considering other agents through valuable content that is on the subject matters that they are researching in order to improve their home values and sale potential before even contacting a realtor. What are those subjects? There are over 200 topics. All in which Realtor’s should be blogging about but, most do not take the time or thought to even consider. Pinterest further helps you connect with buyers on similar yet different subject matters of approximately 150 subject matters. Contact me today to get started in taking advantage of these.

Benefit #5 Sales

There are tons of ways to make Pinterest fun for you and your clients. If Pinterest is utilized to move clients down the sales funnel in a fun way your clients will be more willing to look for homes, pinning their findings to private boards that only you, their agent are invited to. This helps get your clients interested, and stay interested while also motivating them to search and keep searching on a daily basis to keep them interested and looking for their own Real Estate solutions on a daily basis leading them in their decision making process all with your Real Estate agent expertise as the backbone increasing your own testimonials because you are making this a fun home buying experience for them, and when working with Real Estate sellers making it an educational experience that brings them the Real Estate Sale at top dollar.

Benefit #6 Local Market Research

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers often wonder what they should be blogging about. While I have specialized in Real Estate Blogging for many years now, after growing up and staying in and around the industry for my entire life it’s only been in the last 12 years or so that professional blogging has taken off and we’ve all been shown the power in and behind blogging for Real Estate. Home Buyers, and Tourists alike search Pinterest for travel, community, neighborhood, and specialized attractions that are relevant to their desires. The benefit of discussing the City, Community, and Neighborhood as well as specialized attractions is that whatever you blog about is what will increase your organic SEO in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Pinterest searches. Discussing area restaurants, area attractions, christmas highlights, unique homes, ugly houses, tiny houses, castles, beautiful architecture, and more you will find yourself being placed higher up in the searches of each of the search engines increasing your leads.

Benefit #7 Become A Local Specialist – Real Estate Farming – Attracting Respect

How much do you know about your local area? What’s the history behind the town, city or, attraction you are highlighting? The more you know about a place, area or, attraction the more empowered you are to utilize that knowledge to farm new leads into your sales funnel. Becoming the Go To Realtor is not an overnight process. Instead becoming the Go To Realtor begins with providing consistent value to your readers, leads, and contact database.

Have these benefits assisted you in further understanding why Real Estate Agents need to be utilizing Pinterest to reach their goals, generating traffic, convert leads, and make themselves a local specialist? Let’s discuss, and for assistance in becoming a local blogging expert please feel free to contact me about my Blogging For Real Estate Packages that Include Pinterest Management. I’d love to be able to assist you regardless of whether you are in Metro Atlanta or, another area of the United States. Together we can make it work.

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