Introducing Websites On Layaway – Payment Plans For Your New Website



Are you inspired?  Do you have goals to start a new blog or, website with products, services or, just simply unique content but, aren’t confident in design or, just aren’t sure where to start with design?

Is money tight?  This is the most difficult place to be.  You know what you are suppose to do, you know how your suppose to do it but, you aren’t really sure what direction to start in, don’t know how to decide, aren’t sure which platform to choose, and don’t have the upfront money in full to be able to have someone design or, build one for you.

What if I told you, you no longer have to worry about any of that.

Effective today 11/23/16 I am offering a new program which is my Layaway Your Website and Layaway Your Blog program.

With prices starting at $350.00 for Design, Content, and Graphics you can’t go wrong, and if you sign up now, and put a down payment down a part of your initial downpayment will go towards your branding, and strategy planning.

By choosing to Layaway your website you are actually doing yourself a favor.  You are giving yourself a chance to strategize, and build a strong brand right from the get go and by choosing to go with you are choosing to take advantage of custom, unique strategy that will be right for you, and your brand at an affordable price payable in 1,2, and 3 payments over time through paypal that are convenient to you.

Are there any additional costs:  There will be a split payment fee of an additional amount totalling $40.00 added to payment terms. (2 Payments – Months 1& 2 – $20.00 each month, and for 3 Payments – Months 1, and 2 – $13.33, and Month 3 – $13.34).

Stop telling yourself that you can’t do it because of money.

You can do it.  Even if it takes 6 Months contact me today, and we’ll work out a payment plan that works for you, and get you on task to having your first website.

No one needs to remain in a place that they do not belong.  And no one deserves to remain stagnant.  Lets work together to build for the future.



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