How To Gain First Page SEO Rankings Using Pinterest

If you are wanting to generate more traffic utilizing pinterest here are the tips that will take you from a good page and great following to a site flooded with traffic leading to product and service conversions.

Pinterest like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is a Search Engine based primarily on images.  SEO Strategies must be utilized in order to gain continuous traction with the Search Engines in order to increase your rankings over time.  While keyword research and the right keywords can make your Pinterest Account, Website, Blog, and Business traffic soar much of this depends on Pinterest just like with your website content and blog content depends on the content written inside of your pin descriptions.

So how do you find the right keywords to utilize on Pinterest?  Lets take a look below.


Start with the search bar.

Select a word or phrase that describes your product, blog or, service.  In this search for example I used the keywords “Sell Your Home” as I work on a primary basis with Real Estate Agents, and FSBO clients assisting them with marketing properties for sale.

Once you have the initial phrase typed into the Pinterest search bar you will see the little boxes that are clickable below your phrase but, what most businesses, and consumers alike do not realize is that these are the keywords to utilize right along with your pin, inside of your niche and subject area to write your pin description with.  From left to right these words are the most searched phrases for whatever subject you are searching, and when you pin original pins these are the words that your pin descriptions need to include.

So, where do you place these words in order to grow your Pinterest, Google, Bing, and Yahoo SEO?  Yes, there is more than just the one place that is a definite which is your Pin descriptions so, let’s take a look.


Your Business Name

Your business name on Pinterest should be your Brand identity.  Branding 101.  As you will see in the screenshot above by Business name is EmBe Writes which matches my Brand name.  Pretty simple, and not a whole lot of explaining.

Your Pinterest Bio

Your Pinterest Bio is a little more complicated.  As you will see my Pinterest Business Bio clearly outlines many of my services and what it is that I focus on the most.  While I also offer career services including resumes, cover letters, and more my primary niche is in Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate Content Writing, Real Estate Website Design, and Lifestyle, City, and Metaphysical or Spiritual Research – why – because, these are areas that I love, and am passionate about, and I want it to show.  While my Pinterest board doesn’t have a lot of visible spiritual or metaphysical hints to it because, I tend to keep what I do, and what I believe pretty private minus with a select few this is a very large part of my life, and an area that I’m always striving to obtain more clients in which is why I’ve gone ahead and added it to the list because, it is such an important aspect of my life, and a very large part of who I am.  In terms of you though – what is your business, and what does it represent and offer?  This is a great place to begin writing your Pinterest Bio, and if you need assistance with this please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I frequently get requests for assistance in this department as much as I get requests for Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and other Ecommerce Store product descriptions as well as Real Estate Listing descriptions.  It’s a minimal fee but, writing isn’t everyone’s fortay, and it’s something I’m great at.

Your Pinterest Board Titles

Your Pinterest Board Titles have the capability to draw in additional SEO and traffic.  One of the great features about Pinterest is that it doesn’t just force you to look at individual pins but, instead you can search for subject material that interests you by board titles as well.

To Find this feature look at the 3rd section of search in your keyword phrase.  You’ll see your initial phrase, the keywords below, and then below that you will see all pins, your pins, buyable pins, people, and boards.  If you click the boards category you’ll be taken to boards that others have started to help you gain some traction that you may not find by just going with the initial all pins feature.  To be honest, that feature can get very overwhelming, and if I’m searching for a Beauty and The Beast Wedding Idea Cheat Sheet for example here’s what I’ll find. (I’m not sure if I should thank my dad for sticking this in my head recently or not but, since I’m building a wedding planners website right now that I sealed the deal on 2 days after that conversation, I’ll just go with it and smile because, while it’s not now it’s still a maybe one day because my frozen in shock and lack of response led him to say “whenever” and my response to that was to say sure, we’ll go with that.  So that’s where I’ll leave that.)


Your Pin Descriptions

What do your pin descriptions say about your blog post, website page, product or, service?  Here are a few pin descriptions that model how to write in order to gain SEO traction on Pinterest, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.




Your Blog Title & Pin Title Posts

If you look at the last screenshot that I took it doesn’t just show just one great pin it shows several.  Terms and Conditions, Make your small business stand out, these two posts specifically will both gain tons of traffic, and potential clients because of the attention they gain, and potential clients gained from that attention.  If your Blog title and Pin Titles are attention getting, and lure viewers in, you will find yourself with new followers, new clients, and new leads that will convert.

So there you have it.  Have you tried any or all of these tactics to gain new clients and followers on pinterest through Pinterest SEO and Pinterest Keywords?  Lets discuss.



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