12 Essential Home Page Aspects That Your Website Needs To Increase Conversions

12 Essential Home Page Aspects That Your Website Needs To Increase Conversions


If you are in the website design or website redesign phase of business growth you are probably wondering how to generate more leads from your website which is what is triggering you to contemplate the website design or website redesign to begin with.

Your Website Home Page is your business branding front door, and the aspect that will most frequently bring in the most traffic to your website if you have your website outlined correctly. Businesses and Business owners often have a difficult time determining how to optimize their home page for lead capture.

Your website home page serves multi purposes. Instead of treating your website home page like a dedicated landing page built for one specific purpose a website designer and branding specialist will suggest that your website home page be designed for attracting your target audience traffic, educating your website visitors, and encouraging engagement.

In order to improve your website performance beginning with your homepage, incorporate these 12 essential home page aspects into your website.


You have 3 seconds upon your website loading to capture the interest of your website visitors. The best way to do this is to utilize your website headline or blog headline to to tell your readers what your business or blog has to offer your readers and potential clients. While you may only have a few words to describe what your business does utilizing your website headline space to capture the interest of your leads is the best way to turn your website visitors into customers.

While your website will attract many different readers it is important to note that your headline needs to be targeted to your potential clients as those website visitors that are there for your products or services are the website visitors that you are ultimately targeting as your goal should be website conversions from visitor to client.

What to write – What purpose does your product or service serve? Why are you selling your product or service? Lets take EmBeWrites.com – I’ve expanded from just being a freelance writer and now provide affordable website design services, branding, logos, graphic design, social media management, and web copy for a reason. Why? Because, I’m determined to meet the needs of my clients at the best quality for them, and at a price that’s affordable to them. So let’s take a look at my heading:

EmBeWrites.com EmBeWrites.Wordpress.com Brings solutions to our clients through building out integrated and mobile friendly wordpress, squarespace, wix, weebly, and go daddy websites that are for all businesses, Ecommerce Sites, Non Profits, and more of all shapes and sizes.


Your website’s subheading should add to your original heading. If your business or service offers numerous products or services it’s important to add these website subheadings in with descriptions of the solutions that your product or service brings to your customers and clients.

Primary Call To Action:

Remember why you have a website to begin with. While traffic is great, if your website has absolutely no call to action what is the purpose of leads coming to your website to begin with? While client leads are there what do you want to see happen? Do you want those leads to call you? Do you want those leads to enter their info into your website’s email capture? Do you want them to take part in a website or blog contest?

Your Primary CTA should be visually intriguing. The Primary CTA should be attention gaining, and the Primary CTA should be in graphic color contrast with your website theme and color scheme utilizing the psychology of color.

Credible examples of Primary Call To Action that works are most frequently Contact Us, Sign Up, Schedule A Consultation, Schedule An Appointment, and Email Us. In utilizing these words you are compelling your audience and website visitors to take action. Our words have power, and by instill a compelling sense of trust that compels website visitors to act you are utilizing psychology in order to achieve the result that you desire.

Optimizing your Call To Actions on Mobile doesn’t have to be challenging. If you are utilizing a graphic and button linking to a lead capture page for instance make sure that the button or graphic is a minimum of 44 x 44 pixels so it’s big enough for people to press with their index finger with plenty of free space around it where visitors are not accidentally clicking on something that they aren’t desiring to click on. When incorporating social media icons into your website the same definitely applies.

Graphics That Peak Curiosity:

Humans have an instinctive quality of being visual. What captures our attention in one area will capture our attention in other areas as well. Graphics are no different. When incorporating graphics into your website home page ensure that you have at least one graphic that expresses what it is that you provide to your clients.

Optimizing graphics on mobile requires incorporating high quality images that have small file sizes. Sites such as Canva and Programs such as Gimp are free to utilize and take advantage of to provide your readers with higher quality photos in small file sizing.

Why You Over Your Competitors:

Your website isn’t just in place to tell your potential customers what your company provides. While, client prospects want to know what you offer them they also need to know what sets you apart from your competitors which is ultimately what will motivate them to act upon your call to action.  In order to know what sets you apart from your competitors you have to perform an extensive amount of competitor analysis which will help you explain the answer to the question in your website visitors minds of why you over your competitors. 

By keeping your web copy dedicated and on point it allows your website visitors to feel at ease while compelling them with thought and reason to act upon your call to action.

Lets Get Social:

Social Media 1

Social Media has become the concept of trust. While your product or service may very well be the best in the industry locally, no one is going to know that your product(s) or services are there and can be trusted without trust first being instilled which is why Social pages whether they be located on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin or elsewhere exist.

Including testimonials on your website is a key way for potential clients to check up on the quality and value of you. By providing website samples and links potential clients can click through and contact the company in order to obtain references if they feel the urge to do so. Testimonials and Referrals sell. But it’s about more than that; they build trust!

Website Navigation:

Whether you build a website from scratch or prefer to utilize a pre-designed template on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Go Daddy, Weebly or, Shopify know that your Website Navigation and Homepage navigation could be the determining factor between a lead bounce and a lead conversion. In order to decrease your website bounce rate you need to give your website visitors a clear, concise path to navigate through your website. Make the navigation menu visible at the top of your website, and organize the links in hierarchical structure. If you are a site with a lot of topics, categories, blog posts, and services or products make sure that you incorporate a search bar into your website for a more user friendly experience as well.

Freebie Offers:

If you want to generate more leads from your home page, offer freebies such as a special post only for those who signup for email subscriptions. Leads that can’t afford to purchase right now or that are just browsing may sign up for the email subscription if they are persuaded to with information that they are seeking.

Secondary Calls To Action:

Secondary Calls To Action on your website home page will offer those in search for your products or services additional objectives to consider. This is beneficial because you’ll quickly find that you can not place your customers and clients in a box. While many clients may want or need one specific aspect that you provide many others may want the entire alphabet and if you can assist them with the alphabet why not add that in the detail space.

Let’s take Uber for example; if we look at Uber’s website not only is there a call to action for rides but, there is a call to action for drivers to sign up as well. Car dealerships are getting smart with this as well. While many car dealerships specialize in the every day car sales many other dealerships or, agents at dealerships are taking advantage of the specific requirements of Uber and are targeting the Uber driver market in their marketing creating a niche market for themselves which means more sales.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, while you may want your website visitors to turn into your top dollar clients purchasing your highest paid service plan or product they may only need a consultation, they may only need a cover letter, they may only need someone to review a document. I’ve learned over time that by offering something for everyone you are relieving your customer or clients stress and similarly by providing something for everyone you are relieving your website visitors needs of having to continue to look for the service that is right there in front of them for an affordable price.


Website features coincide with your product or service benefits. By adding both categories the conjuction provides a more in depth understanding of your companies products and services that will lead your visitors to act in your call to action. Keep your web copy light while instilling a sense of intrigue and motivation to act.

Information and Knowledge:

Information sells but, in today’s business world information can be the determining factor in what website visitors become clients and which ones bounce off to your competitor. Whether it be your blog or a resource section offer your website visitors a place where they can go to obtain information and grow their knowledge base. Nothing promotes a businesses brand and credibility more than being knowledgeable about your industry and benefits to utilizing your products or services.

Credibility and Affiliations:

EmBeWrites.com EmBeWrites.Wordpress.com Around the community. Community Building, Business Branding, Career Growth, and Personal Growth Assistance across Metro Atlanta.

Similar to testimonials and Social Media standing a strong indicator for potential clients and visitors is your visibility and recognition across your local and regional sector. Are you a presenter somewhere? Are you affiliated with non profits aiding in assisting individuals? Mention those things. By mentioning those affiliations you are building trust and confidence in your potential clients and website visitors.

Growth takes time. Regardless of whether we are talking about personal growth or business growth both take time to accomplish. In relevance to your website home page this includes optimizing your website for mobile users just remember to include headlines, sub-headlines, a call to action, graphics, knowledge, and information in the form of web content and blog postings, and continue to keep building those social channels, testimonials, and mentions then watch as your credibility to website visitors continues to grow over time.

Don't feel like you can get your homepage to the place that it needs to be in order to out beat the competition and attain the respect of your target audience?

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