11 Steps To Get Your Business To The Top Of Google & Why You Want To


Learning How To Come Up On Page 1 of Google Is A Difficult Experience.


From taking advice from black hat marketers to seemingly helpful but lacking organic marketing professionals, you may be left feeling like you have no idea what to do, and how to accomplish your goal in order to get more consumers coming your way by impressing the most used search engine. Which is Google.


If you don’t already know there are many benefits to placing yourself (or hiring a professional like myself to do it for you) to get you to the top of Google’s organic Ranking. While Pay Per Click Advertising can assist businesses with reaching page 1 PPC is not a mandatory requirement to eventually find yourself there, and can actually happen rather pretty quickly with the right keywords, meta data, and consistent content flowing from to and from your URL.

So What are The Benefits Of Getting To The Top Of Google?


  • Drive Targeted Clients and Traffic To Your Website Or Blog.
  • Attract Shoppers of Information To Your Blog (Set On DIY but, may be converted to client)
  • Respect and Credibility Gaining From Clients, Community, and Other Businesses
  • Lead Generation, Sales Conversions, and Email Marketing Sign-ups – They may just be in the research phase right now but, if you can get them to find you on Google, they sign up for your email newsletter campaign or, follow you on Social Media they may become a client in the future. Don’t discount these people. Instead Leverage them through your email database, Social Media Channels, and Blog.


Now Lets talk about some of the best tactics out there to get you to the top.


  1.  Write Informative Information With Applicable Keywords – When you write website content or blog content make it informative. Visitors coming from Google Search are typing in specific terms into Google, Bing, Yahoo Search or whatever their preferred search engine is for a reason, and are now on your page. If their search phrase placed into the search engine brought them to you, hopefully you have the information that they are looking for. If you are providing readers with information and facts you are fulfilling their need for information while leading them to give you back trust. Content Is Queen – It Reigns. Your words, Your Knowledge, and Your Confidence in those words determines whether or not they click your signup form for Blog Following, Email Following etc…You may not get their business today but, information seekers aren’t seeking for nothing. Let them make an informative decision but, write your content (or let EmBeWrites.com) write your content in a way that will keep those information seekers coming back to you until they eventually pick up the phone and call you or, shoot you an email for your assistance.

2.  Use 2 Digit Numbers In Your Title To Rank Higher Not Just In Google But To Researchers – We live in an information age. While you will read this and say “It Must Have Taken her forever to write this” My response to that is you are correct. When I write a post the minimum amount of time that I take to write that content is approximately one hour. This one however took me approximately 3 with the time that I’ve taken to incorporate relevant keywords, Choose The Photo, and Meta Data this post correctly. When you are busy writing content for everyone else, creating E-commerce stores for clients, writing content for clients, and managing Social Media Campaigns (Along with starting out on 2 Branding Projects simultaneously – Oh and the Book Editing Project that I’m working on right now time is a bit of a challenge. With all of that said though, it is incredibly important to me to keep my own Content Writing Schedule up as well therefore, I make sure that I take the time to do it because, the continued growth of EmBe Writes depends on it. With all of that said though 2 Digit numbers listed in the title and tag section of your posts increase the click through percentage because, those coming to your site want information, and an inner knowing that the person writing knows what they are talking about.


Now Lets Look At A Few Examples Of Some Good Blog Headers:


11 Steps To Get Your Business To The Top Of Google

10 Ways To Use The Psychology Of Color In Business

14 Office Organization Ideas That Will Increase Your Productivity & Promote Time Management

20 Tips To Build Your Email List Using Your Blog and Social Media

If You Don’t Feel Like You Can Do It For You – Hire A Freelancer or Small Business To Do This For You. Many Of Us Take These Projects On, On A Per Project Basis.

3.  Guest Post For More Reach – Guest Posting is a fantastic opportunity to have you, your brand, and your business featured on other blogs, and websites. With average posts ranging from 750 – 2000 Words ( I Know That Is Broad) the length most often depends on your creativity, your writers creativity, and the Blog Owners Preferences for your Guest Post. Perform Keyword Research, Promote Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, and Watch as Readers begin flocking to your site, and possibly hiring you but, wait, there’s more. This is organic Back linking best practices at it’s finest. If you want Reach, gain credibility, and start engaging with other bloggers, and professionals who you can guest post for, for free.

4.  Link To Previously Posted Relevant Content and Other Credible Websites – We all have those Blog Posts that our stats tell us are hot cakes. For Me It’s my Psychology Of Color Post that Professionals working on Brand and Website Planning frequently visit. By Linking to highly ranked and frequently visited content from Google Trusted sites whether they are your own or, another Bloggers doesn’t matter. The more you become a trusted adviser, and professional in your field, and remain on the same speaking path continuously speaking to your target base and giving them credible, up to date, and relevant tips, tricks, and techniques Google’s Spiders will grow to love you, and in return rank your business higher in the search engines.

5.  Pictures Say A Thousand Words – Adding Relevant Photos to your Content is a must, and did you know that your photos can give you further SEO by incorporating Keywords, and pieces of your content into the Meta Data Section of the Photo’s Description Section? It’s a little secret that is quickly making it’s way around the web but, trust me when I say Google Loves you, and your blog / website the more you do this. Adding 1 – 5 Photos per Content Posts and Website Content Can increase your rankings significantly.

6.  Is Your Website Up To Speed and Mobile Friendly – Fast Speeds and Mobile Friendly is no longer an option. Did you know that 90% Of content is now read on mobile devices? It’s true, and because it is true your site needs to be mobile friendly. Platforms such as Square Space and WordPress have this covered for you in their integration but, sites powered by Go Daddy, and Wix are commonly ranked lower in the search engines for this very reason. While I have built websites on every single one of these platforms I am falling more and more in love with Square Space but, have just as much of a passion for WordPress because, they are both easy to use, allow you to integrate numerous features both while leaving room for growth, and being mobile-friendly as well as fast.

7.  Local Keywords as well as Keyword Phrases Are A Must Have – What do the visitors to your site want? What information are they looking for? Provide them a solution right from the title of your post, and you will find yourself reaching a ranking in the search engines that you didn’t think you could reach.

Commonly Searched For Phrases:

  • How To Market Your Blog By Using These ___ Steps….

  • Marketing Your Website Using _____….

  • ____ Time Management Tips….

  • How To Stay Organized When….

  • Effective Leadership Tips For 2016 ….

  • ___ Social Media Tips That Increase Reachability….– If you know anything about how to fix Facebook’s Algorithm problems you will go viral right now. Here’s a big hint for you.

Solve Problems, and watch as you become the go to person in your industry.

8.  Fall In Love With Social Media – I will admit this was a very hard one for me. I still fight sharing things sometimes but, the thing about Social Media is that the more you share your content, the more that your content has the ability to cross paths into multiple territories, and regions for your brand’s success. For Google Love integrate an automatic sharing tool or, manually post your content to the following channels.

  • Twitter

  • Facebook Feed

  • Relevant Facebook Groups

  • Targeted Facebook Communities

  • Stumbleupon

  • Google +

  • Linkedin

  • Relevant Linkedin Groups

  • Pinterest (Your Own Boards as well as Collaborative Boards)

  • Reddit

  • Craigslist (In appropriate sections)

Engage and continue to engage to continue to grow in authenticity to further promote yourself to Google’s Spiders.

9.  Feature Other Bloggers In Your Posts – Who Influences You? Do you have favorite quotes by some of today’s Top Influencers? Connect With those influencers get their okay to share content and watch as your connection improves your SEO Rankings. Use Social Media to help you with this. Tweet Them, Interact with them, and create a personal relationship with them.

10.  Ask Your Readers and Employees if you already have them to share your content, and Social Media Posts across Networks – Google frequently favors blogs that are interacted with on Social Media more-so than non active Social Media users. This however means that your engagement needs to be worked on especially with Facebook’s unfortunate algorithm problems effecting numerous businesses, groups, and individuals across the Social Platform. The way to defeat that is by getting your friends, family, and loyal followers to share your posts and content.

11.  Include Your Signature, and credibility (Big Projects) – When you obtain big projects don’t be afraid to talk about them, and even add their logo to your portfolio. Your large projects are what brings you credible clients that continue to bring others to you over time. With a growing list of credible clients you will continue to grow in the clients you begin to serve. This applies in B2B, B2C, and even B2I sectors – applying to all. Grow to enjoy this time because, this time is steering you in the direction of growth that will lead you to the accomplishment of your long term goals.

Reaching the top of Google is not impossible. Do not let anyone tell you that it is. Become a Master or, a Mistress of your Field, and Enable Your Content to become King or Queen (Depending On Your Personal Preferences) While it takes time. Doing it organically and through White Hat Practices are what determines whether or, not that SEO Ranking lasts or, flows by the wayside.

Still not sure you can do it on your own? Contact EmBe Writes today, and we can help you reach your goal today – No Matter Your Trade, Niche or, Industry.


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