Adwords Just Gave Us Another 45 Characters – How To Make The Most Of That Space.


It’s hard to believe that I have spent the last 14 years working in Google Adwords but, on July 26th, 2016, Google rolled out their new fields for us, and gave us an additional 45 characters which totals out to be approximately 50% more Ad space for Ad Copy.

How do you make the most of your Google Adwords text space?  It is a question that my clients and friends starting their own businesses, Ecommerce sites, and going through an expansion all ask me, and while I am the queen of product descriptions on both E-commerce sites and Real Estate websites there are a few things you need to know:

Your Target Audience, Target Clients, and Target Demographic Area:  Your Target Audience, Target Clients, and Target Demographic areas all matter in PPC Marketing.  More-so in other areas of Internet Marketing Google, Bing, and even Facebook paid ads are all targeted towards these three key facts.  Learn them, know them, and don’t stop evaluating them as these 3 areas are what determines your Internet Marketing campaign success.


Which Product(s) You Are Pushing In Each Ad:  PPC ads are set up differently than other Content Marketing Strategies, and Internet Marketing strategies that you will come across.  When I gear up to begin a PPC Ad Campaign for my clients I spend time evaluating my clients product listings, online catalog, and overall goals in order to determine which products they should be pushing in an online ad campaign.  Are you holding product specials in one section of your store?  In order to make sure the promotion is a success you want that special or promotion seen by as many target clients and potential clients as possible.  The easiest way to do that is to take those products, and leverage them as well as the sale to provide you with the highest conversion and click through rate as possible.


Your Keywords:  Once you have your target clients, and your product promotional items set for your adwords campaign squared away next comes what many see as the catcher. How do you incorporate keywords into the Adwords headline spaces or, within 80 characters in the description section?  As a professional Product Description Writer with quite literally 14 years of experience doing this my honest answer is VERY CAREFULLY but, also VERY CREATIVELY.  Words don’t come naturally for many so let’s take an example of, and look at it below.



Adwords Example

I set my budget at $5.00 – yes, this is doable, and it is possible.  Starting out slow is a good way to start.  This way you do not overwhelm yourself.

Locations were set to my target local area markets to include Atlanta, Georgia, Alpharetta, Georgia, Norcross, Georgia, Douglasville, Georgia, Fulton County, Georgia, Douglas County, Georgia, and Gwinnett County Georgia.  (Some you can see, and others you can’t).

Network was the Search Network that targets Ads

Keywords – Sorry Competitors, I purposely removed these.  😉 I know you love and hate me at the same time.  If I give everything away then it’s no fun.  I know.  (Sorry Brat, and Wise Business Moment all in one moment – hey this is kinda fun – Business allows me to be a “brat”.)

And because, of the daily amount that I set, Google suggested a .38 per click max.  Per click rates depend on the day, and time of day due to traffic rates and competition set for the same time.

And then finally the Ad:

Ecommerce Website Design – $5.00 Product Descriptions 

Websites That Beat Your Competition Includes 1

Mo Free Social Media Management

It’s really pretty simple, and if I ran the ad, I’d find myself with a few new clients.  I guarantee it.  14 years of this.  I’ve made companies Billions of Dollars with my ads on Google alone.  (That is not an exaggeration) but, in addition to Google Adwords, we have Bing, and even Facebook Ads as well.  Which one will work best for you?  Contact me, and let’s discuss the above characteristics to determine which option works best for you.

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