Twitter Chats – EmBe Writes Is Joining The Party – Recommendations Are Welcome!



Yesterday I engaged in my first twitter chat professionally.  Now, if you’ve known me personally any length of time you know that I use to be one of the twilight obsessed, and built a pretty large twitter following on an old account that no longer exists full of Twilight fans.  Yesterday though I found myself discussing vision boards (Primarily discussing my Pinterest obsession and how Pinterest has become my vision board through both private and public boards)  on a fairly popular Twitter Chat that I had been invited to through one of my Atlanta Blogging Groups and connected with numerous other bloggers and women owned small business owners that were all on the same mission which was to grow their business, use vision boards to promote and inspire creativity in themselves, and then move on.

It was a unique and different experience for me.  I spend so much time every day so focused on doing all of the things that I do for clients that I honestly forgot what it was like to sit back, and engage on Twitter (for myself).  I forgot what it was like to engage in a chat with other creatives, small business owners, and women who all share similar goals, and it honestly put me in such a good mood that this morning I went out in search of other similar Twitter chats, and while I found a few that seem to be around and thriving I know there are probably more out there so, I’m posing the question here:

What Twitter Chats are you aware of that are thriving, and full of engagement each week?

Blogging Chats, Social Media Chats, Marketing Chats, Small Business Chats, Lead Generation Chats, Graphic and Web Design Chats, Real Estate Chats – These are all chats that I’d definitely be interested in, and would love to see more of.  What suggestions do you have?

Share in the comments section, and I look forward to seeing you there.






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