Build Your Brand In These 5 EASY Steps

5 Ways To BuildYour Brand

Branding is a subject that throws many of my clients off.

When my clients come to me, they come to me with one of two mindsets.  “This is what I envision, please help me create this.” Or, “I have no idea what I want, have no vision for it, and I’m completely at my wits end trying to create a vision out of nothing.  I just know something needs to change, and I need to place my trust in someone who knows what they are doing, and has the capability to do it.”

I love both kinds of clients but, a big part of the process of building a brand for clients at is the time we spend creating Vision Boards for our clients.

Before we draft a single illustration, before download a single graphic, before I write a single piece of content, blog post or, Social Media Graphic I and now my team spends hours looking at what your competition is doing, I spend hours researching your industry, I spend hours creating a Content, and Graphics plan of action, Marketing Strategy, and Content Strategy because, A Brand without purpose is a Brand that never attacks quality leads, and if there are no quality leads coming in ROI doesn’t happen either because, Conversions are what your business, and your brand are missing.

So Let’s take a Look At 5 Options That You Have (All Free) to Begin Building Your Brand Today.  

Define Your Company:  You know what you are good at, you know who your target market is, you know that you want to sell your products or, services to your target market but, WHO is your company?  WHO is your Brand?  What Is Your Brand?  When you stumble upon Joe in Starbucks, and enter into conversation with him, and the conversation get’s to the point where Joe asks you “So What Do You Do?”  What answer will you give him?  Your Company Bio is your company.  Your Company Bio is your Brand?  How do you want your company to be identified?  What do you want your company to be known for?  Begin the branding process with identifying who and what your company is so, that when Joe asks you in Starbucks you can knock the question out of the park, and so when Joe plugs in your website url while you are sitting there together (or, after he gets home) he can remember back to the conversation and say what the website says he is, is who he actually is.  He may not need your services or, product but, who knows he may know someone who does.  Never underestimated the power of being able to sell yourself through general conversation.  Conversion rates soar the more you network.  *Just Trust Me On This*

Create A Vision Board:  Where do you see your company headed?  Where will the company be in a year, how about in 5 years, how about in 10 years?  What are your goals?  Create Vision Boards for this.  Pinterest is a great tool for this, and if by chance you don’t want the world to see what you are pinning or, planning for your business.  Know you have the ability to make, and utilize completely private boards that are only visible to you, and anyone else on your team such as your Marketing Director or, other Executives that you want to share these ideas with, and later discuss.

Research Your Competition:  I know you hate going to their sites, I know you hate to see what your competition is up to, what sales they are advertising, what promo deals they are offering, and how great they are doing.  But, something that I learned a very long time ago is if you twist that mindset around, turn it positive, and go look at your competition not to copy what they are doing but, offer something better (that is realistic) you keep yourself ahead of the competition, and keep yourself at an advantage.  A-lot of what I do for my Clients at EmBe Writes is spend a lot of time (hours) researching what my clients competitors are doing.  This isn’t because, I want to copy what the competitors are doing, it isn’t because, I want to copy their content, copy their graphics or, copy their promo material and campaigns but, realistically it’s because, without extensive research into what your competitors are doing I can’t put you at the top of Google, Bing or, whatever search engine that your target clients will go to in order to search for your products or, services.  

Choose Your Business Color Scheme:  Your business color scheme isn’t just about your personal favorite colors.  While my personal favorite color is and always has been baby pink you will very seldom ever find me utilizing it in anything that I utilize for my brand.  Have you ever heard of the Psychology Of Color?  If you haven’t take a look at the color codes that will help you create branding colors that you will not only be utilizing a lot throughout your website but, inside of your blog posts, and social media channels as well.  Be recognizable.  Be memorable, and by creating a color scheme that is unique to you, and your brand as well as something that is different from most or, any of your competitors you are placing yourself yet again, at an advantage that tells your target client base as well as regular clients, and followers that it is you that is posting.  Your brand becomes recognizable just by the images you use, and the color schemes found within those images.

Get Creative:  The Sky Is The Limit when it comes to creativity.  My work at EmBe Writes is truly never done.  There are always Blog Posts to get out, there is always new website content to write for a new client, there is always new Social Media posts to get out, and there are days when all of that quite literally takes up a full day, and into many others for me however, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and yet, that isn’t even close to all that goes on around here on a daily basis.  Websites need to be designed, Ecommerce sites need to be built, Complete Social Media and Branding overhauls need to take place, I could go on and on about why even though my business hours end at 7pm each week night it is a rare day when I ever shut my computer down before 11pm, and sometimes it’s much later.  My work never ends but, I like it that way, and I have some very loyal customers who continue to keep coming back month after month, project after project, and some who have even begun to get their Team Leaders, Boss’s, and Real Estate Brokers in on my services because, they are continuously happy with not just me but, the quality of work that they receive from me.  Creativity again, doesn’t have to be perfect you just need a vision, and that vision is truly what is the beginning, and the place that leads to growth for your brand, and for your business.

While creativity requires vision, vision requires believing.  In yourself, in your brand, and in your goals.  So create those vision boards, create your plans, and know that your dreams can quickly become a reality that begins with your companies branding.

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