Social Media Tip Of The Day – Track Your Progress With Custom Reports

Monthly Social Media Report

Today we’re going to talk about a subject that makes my clients a little edgy.  Social Media Reporting.

While many of my clients love the fact that I provide them with statistics and analysis – many of them do not understand why keeping up to date with Social Media is so important.

Many business owners no matter their stage under estimate the power of social media, and they do this because, they do not understand how Social Media assists in improving SEO, Followers, and Engagement Performance assisting with Lead Generation.

Did you know that the majority of my clients come from Twitter and Linkedin?  Yes, that is correct.  Not just one but, two Social Media Channels generate most of my incoming Leads, Business, and Clients – Clients that are most commonly more loyal to me than any of the clients that I ever previously received from Craigslist even though I do still advertise on Craigslist and update my ads there frequently.

By tracking your likes, comments, and shares on Social Media you grow to understand what your follower base likes to see.  What subjects draw in more followers?  What posts generate more traffic and more quality leads to you?  These are questions that you need to ask yourself, and these are questions that only a professional Social Media Manager and Internet Marketing Account Manager will be able to answer for you.

In working with my clients, I customize Social Media Reporting Templates similar and even identical to the one shown above for each and every one of my clients.  Whether they want weekly, monthly, and annual reporting or, monthly and annual reporting – they receive it.  While weekly reporting may not show many results initially it is important to note that over time results will start to be seen, leads will begin to come in, and once they do you as a business need to be ready to spread your wings, and take flight.

By keeping a record of Social Media Interactions you are building analysis.  And by keeping up with the analysis what you are doing is determining what sector needs to be promoted and worked on harder, less or, at a professional level.

Facebook is a challenge that many are having right now from the ground up and this is because, Facebook’s Algorithm is quite literally broken.  Personal accounts are getting priority over business accounts, and inviting, sharing, and promoting abilities have become extremely limited.  Fixing this is no longer an over night solution.  Buying friends is not the solution, and even contests are no longer the solution.  If Facebook is forcing people to pay to generate leads which is exactly what they want you to believe they are doing the solution around this is different for every single company, and requires a lot of creativity, strategy, and time.  Most of which business owners just find themselves in short supply of.

There are ways to fix Facebook – I’m touching on a subject I wasn’t initially planning on here, and just rolling with it but, it will definitely take time, and strategy – unfortunately strategy that may go off topic of your brand.  Results are what are needed, the attention of facebook’s spyder’s are required, and the only way to fix that is by posting what is hot, and sometimes what is hot has nothing to do with your brand or, even your industry.  So you go with what works, and what remains popular to build your brand, and place of recognition back up so that other more business related subjects get the attention that they deserve.

By keeping up with Social Media through reports you are empowering yourself with valuable information.  Valuable information that can be utilized to further generate leads, and track what your followers, and fans want to see more of.

Interested in having a custom Social Media report created for yourself – feel free to contact me.  I’d be happy to create one specifically for you.



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