Social Media Tip Of The Day – You Can Now Use SnapChat To Create Lasting Memories



Photo Credit:  SnapChat.Com

With 150 Million active users SnapChat just rolled out their new plan to allow it’s users to make memories, and make history.

Users of the App will now find comfort in being able to save snaps and stories in the apps new Memories section in a password-protected section called My Eyes Only.

Similar to what Facebook rolled out in 2014 SnapChat’s Memories section will help prevent friends or family from seeing snaps that users may want to keep strictly for their eyes only.

Secondly, Snapchat also rolled out a new way to send saved snaps to their friends or post them to their own individual stories.

So now if the users add a snap taken 24 hours earlier or more to their stories, the snap will appear with a frame around it in order to tell their friends that it was taken prior to the moment of sharing which prevents confusion on information that may be shared inside of the snap chat example: “I’m at Felini’s Pizza in Buckhead, Atlanta” but, Buckhead Atlanta’s Felini’s is missing the active snap chat user, and friends who may decide to join in won’t be surprised that their friend is not at Felini’s in Buckhead.” thanks to the additional new SnapChat Roll out.

How can you use SnapChat.Com To Grow your business?

There are numerous ways:

Turn it into a microblog for your current client base – and create your own buzz. With these additional features being rolled out mentioned above – you’ll be able to utilize them to your advantage with limitless potential.

So there you have it – Today’s Social Media Tip Of The Day brought to you by EmBeWrites.Com.


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