Social Media Tip Of The Day – Linkedin Lead Generation For Realtor’s

Tip Of The Day


Linkedin is more than just another Social Media Network.  I will be honest.  It was the one social network that I blew off for a very long time because, I hated the idea of putting all of my information out there for the world to see.

Contrary to what I do for a living, and what you may perceive because, I do what I do, I am an extremely private person therefore, Linkedin was a pretty big challenge for me initially not because, I didn’t know how to utilize it but, because, I hated the idea of sharing so much with people I barely knew if I knew them at all.

Over the years that has changed though, and what I have come to learn through all of my research and experience in the Industry is that Linkedin is an extremely powerful tool for Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, and Real Estate Agencies all across the country.

Today’s Social Media Tip Of The Day is on How To Use Linkedin Groups To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business.

Linkedin Groups are powerful.  Although things have changed over the years and moderator approval is now required to join any of the groups on Linkedin all you really have to do is submit your request once you find a group that you want to join, and once you are approved begin joining in on the discussions.

Share opinions, comment, share relevant content and articles, and watch as your ratings not just in the group but, on Linkedin overall grows which in return generates leads.  When you are connecting with and engaging with other agents even in others city’s and states those conversations, and connections can generate leads.

Think about it – Relocations.  Let’s say you connect with Gary on The Real Estate Networking Group Gary has a client that is selling his home in Massachusetts and is moving to Atlanta Georgia, and has no idea who to contact in the Metro Atlanta Real Estate market to enlist as his buyers agent.  Gary’s client brings this up in passing to Gary or, possibly even asks Gary if he has any connections in Metro Atlanta, and Gary goes on Linkedin, checks his contacts, and finds you, and then refers his client to you or, contacts you directly passing along his clients information – also giving you the ability to monetarily thank him with a referral fee.

Referral fees are not a must however, it is becoming good business practices to set up a referral fee plan, and contract.  If for no other reason than just a simple thank you.  Whether you choose a monetary thank you or, a snail mail gift such as a gift card – that thank you can go a very long way, and may even result in even more referrals coming your way.

What you give comes back.  That is a fact that I firmly believe in, and thought I would instill in all of you.

So there you have it.  Today’s Social Media Tip of the Day – How to Lead Generate With Linkedin.




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