Start Up Internet Marketing – 3 Ways Plus A Bonus To Build Your Brand Right

Start Up Marketing

While on a conference call with a client last week about their Internet Marketing Strategy for Real Estate my client asked if there are some tips in Internet Marketing that I would recommend that they could do on their own in addition to my own efforts because, they were aware that I can’t focus strictly on their brand all day every day, and build their online reputation over night. This was a relief as they understood and didn’t have unrealistic expectations of myself or EmBeWrites.Com right off the bat, and because they asked I happily provided them with some tips – the very same tips that I use to build their brand myself, and the reason why I didn’t mind is because, the more that a companies online presence is worked on correctly the more the brand grows.

There are some things in Internet Marketing specifically Social Media Marketing that I believe that all companies should know about because, in the long run what a company is looking for is growth, and if a company owner or, official wants to take part in those efforts in addition to what I am doing – I do not believe that is wrong (Or Job threatening).

So What Marketing Methods do I Recommend? Let’s take a look:

Building your business is a process. It takes work. A-lot of work, and if anyone understands that it is another small business owner. I have been where my start up clients are trying to build a brand, and business from nothing. I’ve come a very long way in that time period and the way I did it was by not stopping. I built my brand, and my business by waking up at 6-7 am, spending my coffee time engaging on social media, and then focusing on website content, marketing content, and career services content as well as creating, and updating ads, and connecting with professionals even if they wouldn’t ever need my services?

Why Would I connect with professionals who may never need my services?

  1. You never know.

  2. They may refer me, and my services out to others who do.

So With that Said; What are the 3 ways to build your Brand?

    1) Linkedin is POWERFUL – When you connect with someone, your new connections are highlighted in your feed. “John Doe just connected with EmBe Writes – Freelance Content Writer in Atlanta looking for new Freelance Writing Opportunities”.

Let’s assume you are Jane Smith – You’re looking for a Freelance Writer in Atlanta, or a Freelance Writer with a vast array of services at an affordable price for a start up. Jane is a Small Business Startup owner, and Jane’s Budget is small. Jane sees John Doe’s new connection on Linkedin, her curiosity is peaked, she follows the connection through to EmBe Writes Linkedin Profile and further follows through to EmBe Writes Services, and Pricing List, and is happy to see that EmBe Writes not only specifically works with Startups but, is priced in a way that is affordable to Startups and is willing to work on pricing because, all startups have a different startup budget.

     2)  Twitter is the easiest starting point for every startup out there. Engaging, Communication, and Conversation. Twitter offers it all in an easy setting. Twitter offers incredible opportunities to build a brand and an audience on Social Media for startups of every budget, even the ones with no marketing and advertising budget at all, and can be an asset for every area of business, interest, and profession. It also provides immense opportunities to connect with clients, and connections otherwise unreachable.

On Twitter, you can begin your startup marketing long before you have your product, services or website ready to market. You can even begin to build an audience before you have your own content or E-commerce products to share.

So, my advice to every founder is: Do not undervalue the power of Twitter. Simply begin, register and start tweeting, building an audience, share relevant content related to your industry and begin to build your audience base through relevancy to the path you know that you are headed down. There is no right or wrong but, relevancy and consistency is the key to success on Twitter.

     3) Create Your Own Blog – Creating your own blog enables you to share relevant industry material, and place a spin on what you are sharing. Not only can you share relevant industry news but you can also create your own content using relevant pre-written content while crediting the original source. Find a buzzing subject, and write about it. Link it to other relevant content that others are creating, and watch your blog thrive.

Blogs have additional power – which is why I spend so much time promoting them. If you write a blog, and use wordpress, wordpress offers you the opportunity to share your newly published content immediately upon posting to the majority of your social media channels. Combine your new content with Social Media power, and you’ll find that you will and are becoming an industry specialist and industry expert in no time.

Your content based on knowledge has power – never underestimate the value of that. It isn’t attention that you are after – it is the respect of others whether they are hiring managers or, future clients.

Additional Tip

4) Email Marketing – With the power of your blog especially if you utilize wordpress you will be given an additional feature that you may not even realize is there. When individuals subscribe to your blogs via email guess what you get – their emails. Utilize those emails to promote your brands, products, and services because, that is the start of your email list. Use it to your advantage!

Learning how to Leverage all of these tools together seamlessly isn’t difficult but, it can be time consuming. Setting designated time each day to build these aspects is key to success. Not everyone has it though which is why EmBeWrites.Com exists.

If you do make and take the time however to build your audience keep these steps in mind and utilize them for the foundation of the Brand that you are building, and remember that Reputation Management, and Target Audience building is the goal so that when you are ready to launch your website, E-Commerce site or Product Pages you will already have your target audience there ready, and waiting to share content, products, and your brand name with their contacts.

It’s a process. But, it’s a process that works.

If you are already taking these steps even if it is just one – how is it working for you?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.  Let’s discuss.


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