9 Things No One Is Doing To Get The Job – Except The Clients Coming To Me.

Sample Resume


This past week I have been in conversation, discussion, and negotiations with numerous recent Graduates who are all coming to me to build their online portfolios, and resumes.

Over the last few months I have discovered a growing trend and that is the fact that no one is setting themselves a part, and the reason why they aren’t setting themselves a part is they do not realize that, that is what it is that is required now.

Let’s take a look at the photo above that is a resume that I created for a client last week based on her desire to work at APS and utilize her skills and experience there.


  1. COLOR Highlights – When you utilize color inside of your resume what you are doing is automatically setting yourself apart.  Resumes that are drafted in only black and white do not bring forth the attention needed in order to make the human resources professional or, the hiring manager want to keep reading or, pick up the phone to schedule that interview or, meeting.  
  2. LOGO – A Professionally designed logo sets you apart for numerous reasons.  NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE does this, and by doing it you send off numerous messages including but, not limited to:  You are creative but, understand the corporate sector at the same time.  You are willing to think outside of the box in and out of the office, and you are willing to stand out, do something different, and not do what everyone else is doing – this is valuable.  More valuable than you realize.  When I created a logo for a client, I get to know them, I ask questions, I get to know their target companies, and I utilize that information to create a logo that won’t be just a logo – it is something that my clients every single time, love.  Just as the ones that I create for my business clients.  
  3. HIGHLIGHT Yourself –  Just as a Corporate Company would Highlight your name on your door, cubicle on their website etc… Do not be afraid to Highlight yourself.  This portrays confidence, and shows potential employers that you are willing to go above and beyond to make a difference.  It shows a do what it takes work ethic that is becoming more, and more rare.  Go Get Em – and watch as they fall in love with YOU.
  4. TITLE Yourself – We’ve all been at those companies where our title is not at all what it is that we actually do.  Years ago I found myself with the title of Receptionist when the truth was that yes, I was the receptionist but, I was the Executive Assistant for 4 C-Level Executives, I was Managing Payroll, I was Managing Benefits, I was serving as the Assistant Manager to Customer Service, and I was serving as the Marketing Assistant to the entire Sales and Marketing team.  No wonder why I found myself working 60 hrs a week.  It was exhausting but, I still say that up until I stopped working for corporate companies and went off on my own it was my all time favorite position.  I just hated the title, and the reason why is because, I did a heck of a lot more than just answer phones all day and greet people at the door.  I was the face of the company, internally, and externally, and in many ways was the back bone that most people highly underestimated, couldn’t keep up with, and couldn’t do with out because, it took 9 other people to do what it was that I was doing.  When you title yourself, you show potential employers how you want to be seen, and show others how you want to be treated.  It’s more important than you realize, and it is something that many overlook, and underestimate the true power and message behind.  It’s subliminal messaging before a potential employer ever even meets you but, not in a way that causes harm or promotes manipulation.  It’s about empowering you and telling others who you are more-so than anything else.  
  5. 1-5 Stars, Charts, Graphs – What’s the question that so many potential employers ask?  On a scale of 1-5 tell me about your experience regarding “THIS” subject / Qualification / Skill?  Right?  Beat them to the punch – Give them the information that they already want to know, and do not be afraid to leave a little room for improvement.  By leaving a little room for improvement and giving yourself a 4 or even 3 you are showing honesty, transparency, and guess what else – another answer to the most hated question ever – “What is your weakness?” There is their answer.  From the moment you walk in that office they are going to already know things about you that they do not know about other potentials.  There’s a way that I do it though that no-one else does it.  This is why my clients come to me as repeat clients for targeted positions at discount prices because, most things remain while a couple of factors change.  
  6. Straight To The Point – 2-3 page resumes do not have to be factors due to the information that you are already providing.  By providing your past experience in a way that the information matches up to the qualifications and skills that a HR Manager is looking for you have already given them what they want.  There’s no need to repeat.  By being straight to the point you are not being repetitive and redundant.
  7. Color Content – How heinous must it be to look at resume after resume and only see black and white all day?  The same format, the same colors, the same things repeated over and over again.  Be fresh, and don’t be afraid to add some color to your resume content.  It will be refreshing to them, and HR Managers will pay more attention to what is in front of them.  

Other things that you can do to assist that aren’t listed in the sample shown above but, that I do provide:   

  1. Online Portfolio’s – Websites and or Blogs.  Websites include affordable monthly pricing or, there is the typical flat rate pricing that is annual.  I allow my clients to choose, and what is designed is based on what it is that they are envisioning for themselves, and how far they want to take that vision.  All affordable but, unlike most of my competitors I give my clients affordable monthly rates because, most see the annual rates as un-affordable – especially college graduates wanting to build portfolios, and new small businesses just starting out.  
  2. Social Media Branding – Targeted to my clients preferred industry – Professional Name Branding, Professional Ad Copy, Logo Design (That can include your own picture) , QR Codes and so much more – It’s a great investment, and one in which many graduates and professionals are beginning to see the potential in as well as the results of.  If you want a different result, you need to do something different.  It’s just that simple.  


Building a brand for yourself is not about being arrogant.  Building your brand is about setting yourself apart, highlighting your strengths, building your reputation both online, and offline, and showing potential employers, and even clients who you are, what you are about, and making yourself searchable in a way that gains you the respect that you seek from potential employers which is what will get you the interview.  

The more up to date that you are – the more desirable you become.  

Let’s determine together how we can set you apart so that you aren’t making these 9 Resume and Job Search Mistakes while you could be setting yourself apart from the competition.  

Give me a call to find out at a price that you can afford.


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