Real Estate Sellers – Do Not Be Afraid To Set This Boundary That You Will Thank Me For

land_expired_listingLast night I got an interesting message from a selling agent wanting to schedule an 8:30 PM showing on the home that I am presently managing, and living in, and although a part of me was enraged immediately over it, rather than expressing that rage I sucked it up, stopped what I was doing, got the house ready to show to only learn that the showing wasn’t even going to happen but, what if it had?

8:30 PM.  It’s the time when people are cleaning up from dinner or, even having dinner when it’s just one of those nights and things don’t go completely as planned which is exactly how my day went yesterday after being without technology thanks to a modem that hasn’t worked correctly since it was installed and finally got fixed after being without internet for 3 days around 6:30.

Showings this late has never happened before last night but, here was my original thought that I couldn’t let go of.  “If 8PM was to late for me to begin moving in when I moved in, and cost me a pretty large cost at a hotel for a night, and I won’t even get into the details of my present war with Uhaul because, my truck wasn’t checked in correctly, and know that this never would have happened had she had any respect for my scheduling, finances, health, peace of mind, and overall budget given that everything about me moving means I get to do everything on my own including moving on my own without help, then, 8:30 should be to late to show just like it was to late the 1st night, and then a week later when I left the house for the first time, and determined that somehow I had been given a bad key to the house, and ended up crashing at a friends house, and not getting back in until I had to call the police, and have them light a fire under her to get me a working key – but, trust me when I say that was a last ditch effort, I had been locked out of my own place for over 24 hours, and was beyond fed up.”

Why is it that everyone else around me gets to set clear boundaries that make me feel completely taken for granted, walked all over etc…..more frequently than not but, the second that I stand up for myself, set boundaries, and stick to them suddenly, I’m the bad guy, a bitch or, contracts get cancelled because, people like to make me wait 2 and 3 weeks if not longer for payment than what is in our contracts which I am no longer putting up with, and have begun charging a $5.00 a day late charge for.  Listen up, eventually you get tired of being walked all over, and eventually you get tired of being taken for granted or, I’ll even say this eventually you get tired of “WAITING” and move forward without a care in the world because, you begin valuing yourself enough to do that – for you, and in my life my business.

Sellers, and Real Estate Agents:  8:30 should be to late to show, and here is why:

It’s past that point in the day when it’s safe to walk around for 15, 30, 45 minutes or, in the case of this situation most frequently an hour at a time.  If you are going to schedule a showing that needs to be given most frequently an allotment of time that lasts about an hour then you might want to take people’s time into consideration.  It’s dark, most things are closing or, beginning to close, and therefore what do you really expect people to do while you are showing their home?  Especially if they have a family.  If I was a parent with kids forcing them to sit in a car seat in their pj’s or worse not even in their PJ’s yet when it is their bed time for an hour I’d be infuriated, and on a singles or, couples front walking around past dark is going to draw attention from neighbors in a negative way, and that is the last thing you want to deal with.  There is no win win with evening showings even though I understand to a certain degree why potential buyers may want to view at that time due to neighborhood prospecting it just isn’t a realistic time.  Nor is it safe because you have no idea how safe a neighborhood is or, isn’t past dark.  Now with this neighborhood it is safe, I’m not saying that at all but, there have been some horror stories when it comes to people pretending to be buyers over the years, and it has led to the kidnapping, rape, and murders of countless agents – don’t make yourself or, your agent a statistic.  Showing and viewing past dark is not smart for so many reasons, I can’t express it enough.

At 8:30 PM I am most frequently cleaning up from dinner, watching something on Netflix, and winding down to get to the point where I’m relaxed enough to go to bed, and lately I’ve been getting in bed around 10PM.  Not that everyone needs to know my personal schedule but, that is not the reason that I am posting this – if that showing had happened.  I wouldn’t have even been able to start cooking dinner until at least 9:30 PM, I would have been eating around 11pm, and not going to bed until sometime between 12:30 and 1 on a completely full stomach which most frequently leads to a restless nights sleep in the lives of most people.

Families with kids:  Again, people that have children begin preparing baths, and getting kids to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 PM – In many cases.  How is scheduling a showing anywhere around this time respectful of your clients, and their families?

Some people are motivated sellers or, motivated buyers but, their motivation shouldn’t come at the cost of being woken up by people randomly walking into the house or, disturbing / disrupting sleep.  Both in which have happened since beginning this contract that is coming to an end.  It got me out of a really messed up situation, and it was what I needed when I needed it but, just in the weekend that I was moving in alone I had 16 people walking through this house because, there was no update made to any of the online services cancelling open houses or, even detailing that the home was not vacant, and every single time that it happened I had to stop unloading, and let them walk through the home.

Homeowners who place their homes up for sale, as well as Real Estate Agents whether you are in Metro Atlanta or, somewhere else – Be sure to negotiate start / end times for showings because, otherwise you will have agents walking in your house as early as 8 AM with little or, no notice or, and at various times throughout the evening completely disrupting your schedules whenever they feel like it which will leave you continuously frustrated, and full of resentment that could lead to other choices being made as a result.  If you upset a seller enough they will remove their listing or, not renew their expired listing.  Just like a buyer will remove their offer if they find out that you have not disclosed major structure, hazard, and general major damage to them in disclosure forms.  Inspections tell a lot but, just walking around a home for sale tells them a lot as well.

Just a little something to consider when scheduling showings with other agents, and when preparing to list and sell your home.  Respect is suppose to be a 2 way street, and it’s hard enough keeping a home in show ready condition all of the time – disrupting sleep schedules, and bath / bedtime schedules or, putting people in unrealistic, and potentially dangerous situations isn’t being respectful of the seller or, tenant and his or her family at all nor, is it a position that if you are a buyer or, buyers agent that you want to get in the habit of doing because, the truth is, is you never fully know the intentions of others.  Day light provides security that the moonlight never will.

That’s just me being completely honest.

Agents, what are your opinions on this subject?  Do you have a set start and cut off time for showings?  I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.





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