Lead Generation For Real Estate -The Must Knows Before You Go Buy ANOTHER List

Lead GenerationFor Real Estate


The Road To Failure is often paved with good intentions.  We’ve all heard the phrase, we know the quote well actually but, the mistake that I see numerous agents, and brokers making no matter how long they have been in the business is the mistake of believing that results are going to come out of nowhere, and quality results will come from a list that numerous other agents are buying with the intention of cold calling, and emailing potential buyers, and sellers just as they themselves are.

Before you buy 1 more this is going to get me absolutely no where list – CALL ME!!!!!!!

Lead Generation for Real Estate agents whether you are in Atlanta, Savannah, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, California or, anywhere else that many of my clients originate out of is not going to come through calling and harassing people who are getting on average 5 other calls daily.  Yes, you have to spend money to make money but, what they are realizing is that the lists that they are buying are absolutely worthless because, in order to get a potential listing they have to lie to people.

Do you really want to come to a place where you have to lie to people and manipulate people in order to get a listing or, a buyer interested in you?

If so please do not contact me as all you are doing is teetering on the line of violating ethics codes that could ultimately get you in more trouble than it is worth.

So what forms of Lead Generation work that won’t get you in trouble with the Georgia Real Estate Commission? (Or whichever commission your license was issued through)  Let’s start with the basics of today’s Real Estate Market:

  1. Web Presence – Do you have a web presence?  Most active buyers, and sellers do their research on an agent or broker and make their decisions based off of what it is that they know about the area.  They choose an agent that is based off of location, they choose an agent based on how familiar they are with an area, and they choose an agent with the intent of either buying or, selling their home in a time frame that works for them.  Motivated sellers want to see traffic, and motivated buyers want to see quality listings that fit their price range in their preferred area(s).  The best way to highlight that is through your web presence whether it is through a website or, a blog.  Knowledge is power, as is information – utilize your knowledge, and the information you obtain to your benefit.
  2. Organic Email List Building – How do you build an email data base that is legitimate full of quality leads, and people who are genuinely interested in purchasing or selling from you?  One feature that I love about most websites and blogs out there is that Lead Capture can be included.  Lead Capture tools provide you with email addresses that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain, and the more that you share via the internet with keywords incorporated into your website, and your blog posts the more quality leads that you will obtain.
  3. Social Media Fan and Follower Building – Social Media Fan and Follower Building takes time.  The client that hired me to tackle this recently was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had a lead come in directly through social media day one that he would have missed out on had he not hired me.  He wasn’t leveraging his contact base, he wasn’t utilizing the power of his already in place contacts, and that is my specialty.  You may not get even one result in the first day but, the more that you utilize the power of these connections through social media the more you will continue to grow.
  4. Networking – This in many ways ties in to social media.  The more you leverage your current database, and tie your website, blog, and social media in together as well as share your new sources of connecting through your email list the more that you will realize that you have access to literally millions of people through your connections connections.  It’s a process that works but, again results very rarely ever come over night.  Nothing of quality ever happens in a day – just remember that.

What Old School Tactics Still Work?

  1. Post Card Mailings – Do you have a new listing in a neighborhood?  Send out a postcard to other homeowners in that subdivision highlighting the listing, schedule 2 open houses, and from there you will gain both buyer, and seller leads in an area that you are more than likely going to be targeting due to having that listing.
  2. Business Card Drop Offs – If door knocking scares you, take some business cards, and some tape, and go knock or tape your business cards on the doors of apartment buildings.  There are motivated buyers found within, and you and I both know they are wasting their money on monthly rent that is often higher than a mortgage payment these days.  Better yet – Create (or hire me to create) a flyer that lists both your contact information as well as a loan officer that can get things done.  I’ve got access to one who can work with 580 and above.  If you have better – Share him or her with me please!  But tape that flyer to those doors.  The potential buyer will more than likely call the lender first to get pre-qualified, and that’s a good thing.  Let them.  If they get the pre-qualification letter, they will call you next.
  3. Partner with Other Industry Professionals – Have your business cards sitting on the desk of Loan Officers, Drop your business cards off at local banks but, do more than that – Network with the loan officers, account managers, and branch managers to make sure that your name gets around.  The same applies with Landscaping companies, Home interior companies, Residential Cleaners, Appraisers, Home Depot, Lowes, Cabinet Repair Companies, Cabinet installation companies, and Home Stagers.  The Pre-Listing phase is crucial, and many homeowners will do home improvements or, hire professionals to do work for them before listing their home in order to get the best sales price possible.  If they hand a potential seller your card – they are doing the word of mouth networking for you!  Leverage that database, and do not be afraid to network.
  4. Partner With Other Local Businesses – Purchase gift cards for local restaurants, and Home Improvement Stores in exchange for them displaying your business cards.  Highlight the restaurants in your blog, and attract local attention to yourself, and your business through gaining respect.  Attention is great but, you and I both know that what you really should be wanting is to build your brand, reputation, and the respect of your future clients through credible avenues.  Leverage the local retail, and dining options around you, and partner with them for the purpose of that “Word Of Mouth” reputation building.

Reputation building, Real Estate Lead Generation, and Building Long Term Business Relationships that lead you to where you ultimately want to be are all a part of what I do naturally.  As someone who has been utilizing these tactics and more for years I understand why many just can’t understand how to find balance, time or, even an understanding of how this all works.  I’m often asked why my prices are so affordable, and my honest answer is because, those who come to me need me.  Most can’t afford an assistant yet but, know that they need assistance, and that is why I make my services as affordable as I do.  Do I know that I am under cutting myself of course I do but, I also know that through word of mouth networking they are going to bring other people my way because, I go out of my way to assist clients, and do throw freebies in for every single one of them because, I value them, and know that 99% of the time they value me because, they know that they can’t do everything that I do for them on their own, and spend the time that they need to with clients while balancing their families as well.

It’s a win win for everyone as well as their clients that come in through the work that I do for them, and it could be the same way for you – leverage your database, utilize your resources because, that is the beginning of Lead Generation for Real Estate done right.




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