A Great Writer Does This Uncommon Task

Weekend (1)


You know what I love about Freelance Writing the most?  It allows me to be the nerd that I am.

A great freelance writer will take the time to research what it is that they are writing on.


My promise to my clients is quality.  What is quality though?  Quality in content writing is found in knowledge, and information.  Quality in freelance writing is rare, and that’s because most freelance writers do not want to take the time to do the research required in order to write the quality of content that is needed for Search Engines to pick up on.

I was recently hired to write content for a Real Estate agency in Jupiter, Florida, and as I continue to work on this project I realize that no one in the Freelance Writing industry would do what I am doing for this client because, the quality of writing is coming through my own research, and this research is extremely time consuming, and taking days.

I love what I do, and I continue to keep doing what it is that I do because, I love what I do.  I want his repeat business.  I want him to refer me to others.  I want to give him more than what he expects to get because, that’s who I am, and what I am about.

Your reputation is everything, and if you build your reputation on a promise of quality you will find yourself much further ahead for the right reasons – because you earned it by action.

Just a weekend thought as I keep moving forward by doing what it is that I love.  How can you do the same?


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