Metro Atlanta REO’s Are On The Rise Again – Here’s What Realtor’s Need To Prepare For



According to a report featured from RealtyTrac Metro Atlanta Home Foreclosures are on the rise again after what has been a break of about 2 years of stagnation, and just as Realtor’s that were once REO professionals in the Metro Atlanta area have found grounding, and growth in other avenues a new set of what was once a profitable sector of Real Estate Listings comes back but, agents offering this service to REO Asset Managers in the Metro Atlanta area are at an all time low.

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Team in the Metro Atlanta area wanting to expand your services into the REO field?  Are you prepared to receive constant listings, and requests from Asset Managers for pre-listing foreclosures (before the property can even be shown) organize clean outs, cleaning, repairs, and contractor services all requiring at least 3 bids that the Asset Manager gets to choose?  Do you have a team that is ready to list, and market this property, and then show it possibly to the Asset Manager or the Asset Manager’s team themselves that often perform surprise inspections in the form of acting as a potential buyer of the REO listing – do not forget to have those home path flyers out?   How about attending court hearings in the Magistrate court so, that you can report the court proceedings to the Asset Manager?  All of these things come with the territory of the Pre-Listing and Listing of REO Properties in Georgia, and for as much of a pain in the butt as it may seem like ROI can be very worth it in the end because, it brings you continual business, and offers reputation building in the field through Real Estate Networking opportunities.

As a professional who has spent years in the REO field the only thing that I can say that I hated about managing the requests of Asset Managers was the fact that I was all to often in my work email at midnight responding to requests in order to stay caught up.  If you are a long term reader you know that I am a workaholic so, this should not come as a surprise to you but, when you are single – who cares right?  The dating scene isn’t really my thing nor, is the club scene, and I’d much rather know that I’m doing well in my career, and taking initiative in order to keep my team organized than let everything fall apart.

So after reading this report that lists the top 10 areas of foreclosures in 2016 and seeing that REO Listings will soon be on the rise again I know that there are going to be agents, and teams flocking to obtain business from REO Asset Managers, and the process of doing this isn’t as simple as just contacting them, and I am gladly here to assist you.



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