The Number 1 Way To Market Yourself When You Can’t Afford A Website

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Remember when you first decided to become a Real Estate Agent?  Somewhere deep down you really thought that it would be as simple as taking the classes, taking the test, and then showing homes, earning commissions, and moving on to the next client – Right?

Don’t lie – most often this is the case.

About 2 weeks in you realized this wasn’t at all the case right.  The course and test is all about Real Estate law, there is literally no training on how to gain clients, how to market to clients, and how to show or, stage homes – in-fact home staging has become an entire business all of it’s own accord, and is becoming more, and more popular as well as a prosperous business for those who provide the service.


But, what if you are one of many Realtor’s or, Brokers who can’t afford the lump sum down payment that is specifically for a website?  I know, you are skeptical, many of the clients that come to me are, and the reason why is because there is no guarantee that your website will bring you the leads that is your primary goal, and main objective.

There is a solution to this, and it is much cheaper than the down payment.

Start a blog.

WordPress offers what none of it’s competitors do, and that is integrated SEO which provides you with quality, organic leads which is exactly what you are looking for.

So, with that taken into consideration the questions that you want to ask yourself are:


How do I want to Brand Myself – Branding yourself is easy if you know what you are doing.  Start with Your Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) Create the same name for each account, and then head on over to WordPress and choose the same user name / Site name there.  Make sure everything aligns, and is the same.

Where Do I Begin With Blog Page Design – Do you have a business theme color that you want to go with?  Blues, Reds, White, and Black are the most common colors however – if you want something new, creative, and unique that can be done as well.

Where Do I Begin With Inner Pages – Home Pages, About Pages, Contact Pages, Buyers Pages, Sellers Pages, Featured Listings Pages, and a Blog Page Itself Can all be created.  If you are confused look at what I’ve done here on – this is your goal, and do you know that I get approximately 3,000 hits a month just based on my brand?  It can be done, and done well.

How Do I Integrate Social Media Into My Blog – Sharing Widgets, Sharing Buttons, and Hootsuite will all quickly become your best friend.

What Area Of Real Estate Do I Want To Specialize In – Buyers Assistance, Sellers Assistance, Rent To Own, Luxury Homes, Investor Assistance, Commercial, Land, and Retail – The choices are endless, and so are the possibilities once you determine where you want your specialty to lie.  Many of my clients are Luxury Agents, and Teams.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have experience and knowledge of the smaller end markets, and don’t love working with them it’s just that most of my clients are focusing on Luxury – Regardless, if you need assistance creating, and managing a blog my services come ala cart at $35.00 per blog post or, I have an 8 package special with a monthly up front cost of $200.00, and I will even work with you if you want to provide the subject matters.

Real Estate Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.  What it boils down to is you determining your target audience, providing them with a place to gain and obtain information, and drawing their respect in order to gain their business.  It’s about quality, and knowledge more than anything else.

Just a little something to remember.



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