Cobb County’s Latest Proposition Has Everyone In An Uproar

Hyatt Galleria

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Cobb county Legislation is proposing a tax increase of $3.00 per room per night on all travelers that stay in hotels in the North West Corridor of Cobb County.  Hotels in the Smyrna, Vinings, Cobb Galleria, and Marietta area are already being mandated to pay this tax in order to pay for the new Atlanta Braves Stadium – Sun Trust Park that is set to open for the April 2017 Baseball season but, the extension of that same tax bill is being fought by budget hotels along the NW corridor that are already crunching numbers, and still recuperating from the Great recession with very little to offer in local attractions that bring tourists their way.

Why are tourists, Corporate business travelers, and tax payers paying for this new stadium?  It is a question that many of us Metro Atlanta residents are asking.  Although local businesses will profit due to the location change from Turner Field in Midtown, Atlanta to the Cumberland – Smyrna area the bill shouldn’t be footed by visitors who aren’t presently here to watch Baseball games nor, should it be funded by local residents most in which do not even want the facility in Cobb County to begin with.

In the opinion of many local residents, and commuters that travel the Smyrna, Galleria, and Cumberland area on a daily basis through I-75, and I-285 the traffic that they envision for themselves on game nights is their worst nightmare coming true because, their commute times will double.


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With local businesses in the hospitality industry throughout the Cobb County area being mandated by a local tax to pay for this facility when their pricing is already extremely competitive it is no wonder why the hotels and motels in the area are fighting this proposed increase as the totals in profit through the proposed increase will bring an additional revenue totaling $3 – $5 Million to the local Cobb County Government.

For more information on the proposed tax increase based on present code for the Smyrna, Vinings, Marietta, and Cobb Galleria area visit:

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