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Part of the reason that so many new Real Estate agents, and brokers come to me is because, I have spent the bulk of my life around the Real Estate market.  I keep myself up to date on Internet Marketing trends, Real Estate, and even Mortgage news and find that it helps in the creation of website design for Realtors not just in Atlanta but, nationwide.


Branding yourself, your Real Estate Team, and your brokerage is vital in today’s Real Estate market, integrating search tools, lead capture forms, buyers tips, sellers tips, and sending out monthly or, quarterly newsletters to your contact list is key in gaining new clients – being creative, being artistic, and doing something fresh, and new for the promotion of your listings or, featured communities that you want to highlight is key, and it isn’t something that you can do on your own nor, should you have to.


Hiring a professional Real Estate Internet Marketing Team or, Person is key – it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, it can be done at a reasonable price, and the investment is key to establishing new business, new leads, and networking for referral purposes that will continue to bring you more business, and more leads for years to come.  Word of mouth is the oldest trick in the book but, when it comes to Real Estate the more branded you are, the more you place your name out there, and the more that you make yourself an expert in one, two or, three areas the more reputable you will become.  No one is an expert at everything and anyone who is smart knows that.  Don’t be a know it all be an expert at what it is that you know, and love best.

Do you love Lease to own, and know that this is going to be the trend over the next few years as the market continues to pick back up – Brand yourself that way.

Do you love working in high end areas of town such as Buckhead, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, and Woodstock?  Promote yourself in those areas only at the areas Luxury Real Estate Level with new creative concepts.

Dominate the Real Estate Market by doing things that NO ONE else is doing that gets you the leads that you are looking for.

This can not be done however unless you have yourself well branded.

The reason why a website for an expert Real Estate professional is so important is because we live in an information age.  When you send out a pamphlet, post card or, flyer do not think for a second that others will not go look you up online.  What are they looking for though?  Think like them – they are considering placing their house on the market, they want to see how you will work for them with their best interest in mind – not just the commission you get at the end of the deal.  They are considering purchasing another home and will either need to rent out their present or, list it – the question they are asking themselves is – what can this person do for me.  The importance to having a website is to give them a name, a brand, and information, and if you do it right by offering buyer and seller tips in a lead capture form you’ll end up gaining their contact information by the time they leave your website.

Stagnation does not have to exist.

If you feel stagnant, and fresh out of ideas or, are just completely overwhelmed – call me today to find a solution that is low cost that will get you out of that stagnation.

Most of my Real Estate websites are priced right around $600.00 and includes a lead capture tool.  Buyers and Sellers Tips are an additional small cost – there are options for growth that don’t force you to fight with others but, that bring all of the right leads coming from your target area to you.

I’d love the opportunity to assist you with this whether you are in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Rosewell, Johns Creek, Cumming, Douglasville or, anywhere else in the country.  I assist Realtors, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Teams, and entire Real Estate offices in multiple locations including Northern NY, Massachusettes, Utah, and Florida!  There are options – you just need to take the step that leads to growth.


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