New Agent Real Estate Marketing 101

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When Christian Ross of contacted me on my testimonials page a couple of weeks ago she confirmed what I already knew, and that confirmation in-case you are wondering is that I am doing exactly what it is that I am suppose to be doing but, what I didn’t expect to happen from that conversation that did in-fact happen was to gain the support, and backing of The Atlanta Board Of Realtors that see’s what it is that I am doing, are referring my Real Estate Internet Marketing services, and are leading me to a point in time where I am growing at a very fast rate compared to this same time 5 years ago when I began the process that has led me to today.

I have spent my entire life around the Real Estate field.  I’ve worked with Real Estate Attorneys, Realtor’s, Brokers, Real Estate Developers, and even Appraisers for years building their marketing platforms, I’ve developed campaigns that have worked both in office, and now out of office because, I know the industry, know what the general problem is, and understand why buyers are slow to make a move that will bring you that commission, and it isn’t what you probably think it is.

Sunday afternoon I received a call from a gentleman who contacted me for assistance with Real Estate Internet Marketing, and buyer lead generation, and what I determined in that conversation was that he is spending money that he will never see returned in leads because, that is his only focus.

Realtor’s let me be the first to tell you that if for example you work for Keller Williams, and are only utilizing their web platform, and website as seen here: you are not going to get anywhere.  Now here’s what I just did; I took what one of my old employers is presently doing, and showing why she isn’t doing as well as she did at the time that I was working for her.  Was it me that was the difference – I won’t say that but, the difference between then, and now is that her website is no longer up, and there is nothing coming to her in the form of organic lead generation because, in order to gain organic lead generation you need to be marketing yourself which she is no longer doing.

How does a woman with 29 years of experience in the Real Estate field go from being a top producer to barely doing anything at all?

She’s starting over, like many new agents she is in a place where she has to start over.

So, how do you start out as a Real Estate Agent, and become Metro Atlanta’s next Mark Spain or, Christian Ross in the Metro Atlanta Real Estate field?

Website Banner

Do not be like those agents who sit waiting for something to happen.  Make it happen.

A good website can, and will be an investment.  You have domain costs to pay for, hosting to pay for, and a design platform to pay for as well as content that incorporates SEO that will bring potential buyers, and sellers to you as well as other agents, and industry professionals that will want to network with you.  Be an agent that stands out, and stands the test of time by making yourself look legitimate, and like someone who takes what they do seriously.

In today’s information age no potential buyer or seller is going to take anyone seriously who does not have their own personal website that is branded well, and doesn’t show in action that they know what they are doing.

Anyone can take the class, and test but, can you show that you are in the business of Real Estate with the best interest of your buyer and or, seller?  Who are you?  What do you stand for?  What qualities and strengths do you possess that will make that lead choose you when they have countless others fighting for their business as well?

Social Media

Once your website is up and running you will want to incorporate the power of social media into your marketing strategy.  The Real Estate Agent that spoke to me yesterday told me that he is paying $450.00 a month for a service that pulls leads for him in a particular area off of facebook, and it isn’t giving him anything.  Although I understand his frustration, and understood it at the moment because, I was listening to his pent up frustration and taking the heat for it, and I just sat there thinking “This isn’t my fault, it’s actually yours because, you should know better than to pay for lead generation from bulk companies such as Boom Town, Zillow, Trulia, and other frequented Lead Generation platforms and expect at minimum an immediate return if anything at all.”  I contemplated hanging up on him twice in that conversation not because, I didn’t want to help him or, because I can’t help him but, because he has been burned by very large service programs, and mislead, and I am now going to pay for that if I take this client on.  He will become a nightmare, and that is not something that I need or, even want to begin to tolerate.

Social Media is a great tool to utilize for the purpose of generating organic SEO over time.  Nothing you do will happen over night.  Do not create false expectations for yourself, myself or, any other agency or, freelancer to fail at.  Nothing happens over night, and it is extremely important for you to understand that before coming into this.  Buying Leads, and Buying Lists unless they are organically drafted will NEVER, and I do mean NEVER bring you the results that you are looking for immediately.  Zillow has a great zip code lead generation tool but, I just confirmed with one of my Luxury Real Estate Brokers (Erica Page of that it has taken her since September to make back her initial investment into their program for a top ranking, and highly desired area of the Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market.

The more professional you look, and the better you have yourself branded through a professionally created, and maintained website as well as social media management the better off you will be because, any leads that you will eventually gain will Google Search, Bing Search or, Yahoo search you – you can guarantee that, and if you do not have your own personal website most buyers, and sellers if they are intelligent will move forward to the next agent without a second thought.

BlogBecome An Expert

I’m going to tie numbers 3 and 4 in together because, they absolutely connect.  We live in an information age as well as a highly competitive Real Estate Market where there are many homes for sale in most subdivisions, and neighborhoods.

The best advice that I can give a new agent is to Start, and Write a blog, and become an expert at something that ties into your Real Estate business.

Pick subjects that appeal to those who you are targeting.  For example:

The Best School Districts In Metro Atlanta:

Affordability within a mile of Public Transportation:

Affordability near major corporate offices:

Luxury near major corporate offices:

Relocation Must Knows:  Find Career Professionals, Network with Recruiters, Moving companies, and other service professionals that are familiar with career, corporate, and general relocation service needs, and interview them for tips, and advice.

Home Staging, and Interior Design advice.

Things for kids to do in a specific area of the Metro Atlanta area or even all across the Metro Atlanta area including staycation ideas.

You gain credibility, and interest by establishing trust, and the best way to establish trust that is legitimate, and not manipulative is by being up front, honest, and knowledgeable about whatever or, wherever your niche within the Real Estate Market lies.

Network, Engage, and Grow

Start with those who you went to class with, took your exam with, and those who you are working in the office with.  Use those connections, and begin growing.  Linkedin is a great tool for Networking, there are numerous professional Real Estate groups on Linkedin, and what you will often find are many that are networking for the purpose of lead transfers, and referrals.  Build you brand, build your reputation, and build trust through establishing professional relationships with others, and watch as others begin referring leads to you often because, they are just to busy to manage everything, and know themselves well enough to know that for their own health, and best interest they can not take on one more thing without the water boiling over.

Nothing happens over night but, it is important to note that nothing is going to happen without first planting the seeds that will grow in due time.


Begin with those who are already in your contact database.  Create a flyer, create a newsletter, and begin through email that starts the process of email marketing, newsletter marketing, and CRM for the Real Estate field.  Leads you once received but, lost out on may not work for the long term – every 2 months, contact that lead again instead of throwing it away, and find out how everything is going.  Is the buyer getting anywhere in their search?  Has the seller of the property had any showings at all?  Better yet do you have a buyer who’s want list fits the description of a previous seller lead that you didn’t receive the listing on – go to that agent, schedule a showing, and let that seller see you showing their property.  If you’ve been their only showing – you may just get a call from that seller to transfer their listing to you.  Don’t make that your intention but, this happens more often than you would think.  Don’t discount the possibility, and don’t hold a grudge on them for choosing someone else – you never know what may happen, they may end up coming back to you sooner than you think because, of your integrity, diligence, ethics, and clear, concise values that can’t be questioned if you are constantly striving to be the best agent that you can be.  Email lists, and Newsletters help with this as well.  Even if people have previously said no – sending them company, and industry news through your email marketing campaign is not unethical or, wrong if they have previously communicated with you.

Generate Organic Leads

One of the biggest mistakes that I see new agents making is purchasing leads without branding themselves as well as purchasing leads from companies when they have absolutely no track record in the industry.

Google is everyone’s best friend.  If you have no proven tract record of doing what you say you are doing then you are not going to get anywhere right off the bat.

Generating leads takes more than purchasing the same leads from Zillow, Trulia, and Facebook.  (Facebook ads just for the record when it comes to Real Estate is just a big NO) Please do not do this if you are a brand new agent.  You are wasting so much more money than you realize, and will not get anything worth while out of it immediately.  I started out in PPC advertising 13 years ago next month, and I am being 100% honest when I tell you that quality leads in Real Estate are going to come from your own personal advertising methods as well as Networking, and Word of mouth.  You need a website, you need to be well branded, and you need a social presence that will enable you to be found through organic SEO, and through word of mouth.  Home publication features are great, advertising listings on craigslist (even if they are not your own listing) is a great way to gain organic leads.  There are countless ways to do this you just have to choose to put the work in or, find the right Real Estate Internet Marketing Professional or, agency to do it for you but, do not be mislead, and do not let people take advantage of you by promising immediate results that will never come.

Nothing worth while comes immediately.  Do not let yourself be mislead.  Quality takes time, and work.  There is no easy way when it comes to establishing a reputation of quality.




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