Don’t Make This Email Marketing Mistake

Email Lists


It’s a brand new year.  You’ve sat down, drafted legitimate goals, and know the direction that you are taking in order to achieve those goals, and among those factors is an email list, and marketing letter that targets your ideal clients.

This afternoon I received a message from a client who wanted me to draft him up a Marketing Letter.  To protect my promise of client confidentiality that is all I will say but, as we continued to discuss his needs what I determined was that he did not have a list of prospects to mail, email or, contact once he got the letter.  Am I trying to upsell – absolutely.  I won’t lie or, mislead anyone.  I’m a researcher by trait – this is what I do, and one of the many reasons why I chose Freelance Writing as my career because, it allows me to constantly put into action what it is that I absolutely love to do which is not just write but, research, and analyze which is something I have loved to do since I was a kid.

Research, Data Entry, and Writing – they are 3 of my greatest strengths, all secondary to music as I do after-all sing, and play 8 instruments but, I chose to utilize my natural talents in my career for a reason, and it is because, I want to be able to provide quality to my clients.

Email Marketing however, is one of those subjects however, that comes with a lot of controversy, and risk though, and because, I have 12 years of experience in the Internet Marketing field, I can confidently tell my clients, and potential clients in all honesty to NEVER and I do mean NEVER buy a pre-utilized list because, it will not do them any good.

My email lists are created by industry, and area.  When a client hires me to write an email list for them I ask what probably amounts to be an annoying amount of questions but, what they do not understand is my reasoning behind this.  I ask an insane amount of questions because, I am about to build an industry (or multi industry) list of potential clients for them that includes names, physical addresses, emails, and phone numbers.  These are not $50 services or, something that can be curated in just a few hours.  These lists take me days to build, they take me hours to research, and for the four industries that I just quotes this client on – the correct response should have been “That is a steal” because, it is.  The $600 that I quoted this person is a steal because, these lists will take up approximately 2 weeks of time if not more to complete in their entirety.

When you hire a researcher, when you hire a freelance writer, and when you hire a virtual assistant of any form to compile a legitimate, never before used, and will never be used by anyone but, you cold calling, email list or, general other potential client list what you need to understand is that this work is the only work that they will be taking on for days or, weeks on end until your project is complete, and in order to be able to do that, they need to be appropriately compensated for their time.

Many individuals, especially those who are just starting out or, are trying to save money believe that they can utilize a pre-purchased email list, and not get sent automatically to spam filters all across the Metro Atlanta or, general service area field where ever they are across the united states, and I will not be the first to say that, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Do not make the mistake of purchasing previously created lists for yourself because, what you will do is find yourself on the spam list of numerous companies, and the more it happens the more chance you have of ending up in a lawsuit that you didn’t even know (until now) that you can find yourself in the middle of all because, you sent a solicitation email that you didn’t realize the true consequences behind if that list is compiled, and utilized incorrectly.

Websites like Fiverr will get you put on a spam list quicker than you would or, could imagine.   Cheap is great in a pinch but, went you want a positive ROI – your only option is to go organic from a trusted, credible source that will provide quality and will not resell the list you are purchasing.

Your list is your own.  Purchase it confidently but, only from a trusted, credible source that will not resell to another client.


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