The Building Blocks Of Linkedin – Inappropriate Content

The Building Blocks Of Linkedin


Linkedin is the largest professional social media networking website on the Internet today.  With Networking opportunities, groups, job boards, career blogs, and countless articles just to name a few of the key fundamentals of the site that has made it what it is today the key factor found in, and through it all is that it is a professional website.

So, with that in mind what is Professional?

exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally business like manner in the workplace. (C2)

It is with this taken into consideration that I write this post as over the last several months I have come across numerous posts that do not follow this definition in the least with the latest post being on the day that I started my series on Linkedin but, due to the fact that I have been swamped with work from clients I have not had the opportunity to write this post until now.

And what was the post you ask?  It was this one:

Linkedin - After Sex

I honestly didn’t find humor in it.  Linkedin is not facebook, and yet, similar to facebook these photos are what we are beginning to see pop up.  Is the person being real?  Yes.  Is it appropriate though?  No.

Please do not get me wrong, I am far from a prude, I am not anti sex, in-fact I’m quite the opposite but, I choose to keep sexual innuendos, statements, preferences, and jokes off of professional sites for a reason, and that reason is because, they aren’t professional, and they aren’t the topic of discussion that should be coming into play on a professional networking website.

Linkedin is a tool that is in place to network, to grow, and to lead.  If you want to talk about sex please go somewhere else, and do it.

What is your definition of inappropriate content?  Have you recently seen it yourself on Linkedin or, am I the only one that seems to be surrounded by kinky people posting inappropriate content on the Internet’s largest professional networking website?


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