3 Tips On Writing Attention Gaining Headlines

Choosing The Right Headline For Your Subject, Topic, and Story.

We do not always have the opportunity to pick our subject, topic or, story but, we do have the ability to write the perfect headline that will attract the respect, and attention that we desire.


Recently, I’ve come to love this quote.  Originally, I heard a portion of it from none other than my lead pastor in one of his messages a little over a month ago but, the truth is, is that it has stuck with me, and from the perspective of a writer it couldn’t be more applicable and true.

As a writer regardless of the subject matter that we are are writing about we don’t always get to pick the subject matter, and as a Freelance Writer it is a very rare day unless I am writing something for my own material on EmBe Writes that I get to pick the subject matter discussed but, what I do get to pick is the headline when I’m writing blog posts, and articles for the majority of my clients because, I make sure to incorporate SEO specific headlines into my work, and the best way to do that is in the Headlines themselves.

Writing Attention Gaining Headlines has never been harder because, SEO is not at all what it use to be.  Many over think the process, others under think the process, and then you have others who don’t care to learn at all, and leave it up to the professionals such as myself to do for them.

If I didn’t love what it is that I do then, this would be more of a challenge but, I’ve spent 12 years doing this.  I was doing this before I ever realized what it was that I was doing, I was doing this before I ever realized that there was an entire industry out there dedicated to SEO, Organic Internet Marketing, and Outreach, and for as much as that sets me a part from much of the competition in the field what it also does is tell me that for as unique as I am – I’m also one of the more experienced even though for those that know me the most know that I what I hate is having attention on me.

So with all of that said how do you create the right headlines that will attract the right attention?


  1. Think Like Your Reader – Readers want information but, why?  They want to grow, they want to learn, they want solutions to what they believe to be their problems.  By giving your readers solutions to what they believe to be their problems what you are doing is providing them with the information that they are seeking.
  2. Create Intrigue – By creating intrigue in your readers what you are doing is providing them with information that will keep them reading, and better yet, make a long term follower, and reader of your online content.
  3. Target The Do’s And Don’ts – 63% of readers will read negative superlatives as they are learning what not to do in order to build a steady follower base.  By targeting the do’s and don’ts of a subject matter you are providing insight to problems.

The key point – provide clear, concise solutions to subjects that problem solve, and you will find yourself building a base of readers that will share, comment, like, and follow with the intention of attracting attention through respect.

Do you have other suggestions on writing better headlines?  Please feel free to post your thoughts, and opinions in the comments section below.


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