Do You Value Your Freelance Writer?

Do You Value Your Freelance Writer-


You have a research paper that is due, you have a resume that needs to be written, you want to get further ahead in your career, and need help, you need website content written, and do not understand SEO, Organic Internet Marketing, How Search Engine Spyders crawl your website, and what they look for or, possibly you want a freelance writer to curate blog content for you….

Does any of this sound familiar?

You google search, bing search, yahoo search, craigslist search or, Linkedin search Freelance Writer, Atlanta Freelance Writer, Nationwide Freelance Writer – and find me or, whomever you choose, and so the process of hiring EmBe Writes Atlanta’s Freelance Writer, Content Writer, Research Writer, Literary Writer, and Resume Writer begins.

First of all, before I begin this post let me first say that I honestly do not want to write this but, after the last 72 hours and what all it has included want has nothing to do with this; this is strictly one of those I apparently need to write this post subjects in order to make it clear that I am not here to play games as I do not enjoy, and won’t even begin to entertain them because, I am far to busy, and value myself, and the clients that do value me to much to entertain them.  A quality based freelance writer can’t produce quality work ahead of schedule when games are persistently being played. This is a post that I have heavily debated, and even fought with myself over because, this should not have to be said to begin with, and the fact that it needs to be said at all clearly tells me just how little some people value the hard work, time, and quality that true professionals with a foundation of character, integrity, and values put into their work not for themselves but, for their clients because, those of us who love what it is that we do, and do it for the right reasons want to see our clients regardless of the subject matter succeed through our work.

I value my clients, I value those of you who come to me openly, and honestly, and instill a sense of gratitude in me that only continues to keep growing because, I love what it is that I do, and without my valued clients I wouldn’t be in business at all, and when I say that I am beyond grateful, and feel abundantly blessed I truly do mean that – for those of you who have and those of you who will in the future come to me or, any other freelance writer with integrity, character, and a sense of value – this message is not for you because you clearly value the time, effort, work, and quality that I put into my work, and do not make a point to behave in the way that some quite apparently choose to.

Call it a subject of establishing boundaries in business, call it a subject of setting standards in business, call it a subject of setting expectations but, type my name in to one of the before mentioned search engines, and you will find that I appear all over the map.  I have worked extremely hard to build the brand, and reputation that I have as Atlanta’s most frequently hired Freelance writer, and I’ve done it with my own values, character, and integrity attached because, this isn’t just a way for me to make money, writing for me is something that I have been passionate about since I can remember.  Writing has been a passion for me almost as long as using my vocal ability has been a passion.  It’s a gift, it’s a talent, and when it comes to writing I’ve chosen it as my career but, here is something you need to know when you hire a freelance writer, who doesn’t violate copyright laws, and curates original content that will have the impact that you the client want that material to have.

Curating original content takes time.  Curating original works of writing whether it is in the form of a research paper, resume, website content, blog content or, an article – it all takes time, and the reason why is because, when I sit down to write a piece regardless of the subject matter do you know what it is that I do first, and spend most of that time doing?


In the last 72 hours, I have had to prove in various ways to a client that did end up hiring me through a craigslist posting that I would in-fact do what she was wanting to hire me to do.  Then, once she finally hired me, and I began working on the project she would proceed to call, and or, email me every hour to hour, and a half until I finally became so, annoyed that I shut down my email, and shut off my phone so, that I could actually get something done on her project.   Then, at a little after 6 PM last night I received yet another message in my inbox that had been written just a few minutes prior when I went to go pull something up in my inbox that I needed from one of her emails, and read the following even though I had just gotten off the phone with her about an hour and a half prior before I had shut all communication devices down; “I’m still waiting to hear back from you about my paper.  I’ve called you several times with no response.”

Someone please tell me they understand why this would make me as frustrated, and nothing short of stressed out as I became in that moment…

So, there I was at 6:10 PM yet again, stopping what I was doing, losing my train of thought for at least the 11th time in that day alone ( I mean really I woke up to a message that was sent at 6:30 in the morning wanting an update, I was woken up by her first phone call of the day, answered my first phone call which was her second of the day a half an hour earlier than normal at 8:30, and it continued every single hour on the hour for the entire day.) and here I was in that moment stopping an actual thought process, and progress on her project in order to provide her with yet again, another progress report totaling at least the 11th of the day.

In that moment I felt like a slave, and oddly enough that was a big part of the subject matter that I was writing on.  In case people didn’t get the memo – I’m long past my days of being made to feel that way, and will not tolerate it from anyone.

In turning my phone back on, waiting for it to power up, and let me make that phone call, waiting for her to answer, and then having the discussion that didn’t go nearly the way that she thought that it would because, I put my foot down, gave her, her update, established very clear boundaries as I gave her, her update, and then got off the phone to not hear from her again until by choice at 12:51 this morning when I stopped working on her project for the night I sent her a progress update, and received a simple “okay” back from her.

It isn’t that I mind providing updates, it isn’t that I mind answering questions – please do not get me wrong but, when you prevent me from getting any work done on your content creation because, you want me to come up with a progress report that I’ve already given you several times throughout the day that is on you, and I’m not going to allow it because, I value myself, and my own sanity to much to allow it.  All a client accomplishes when they push, push, and keep pushing a little harder is creating unnecessary stress, and anxiety that PREVENTS progress from happening.

A good writer, writes without distraction.  A good writer who focuses on quality content is going to shut communications, and any form of distraction off in order to work on your materials.  The reason why a writer will tune out distractions, and turn off electronics is so that they can concentrate, research, and write because, it takes thought, it takes creativity, and it takes time.  The more distractions that are placed in the way, the less that gets accomplished, and the more time it takes to complete a project.

Do you value your Freelance Writer?  Do you value the time, effort, work, and quality that they put into whatever it is that you are hiring them for or, are you just thinking about yourself, your needs, your wants, and your expectations because, the truth of the matter is that quality can not be rushed, pushed or, expedited.  Instead it happens with time, effort, knowledge, and integrity.

Which would you rather have – Something done that won’t have the effect that you want, need, and expect it to have within minutes or, hours depending on the project or, a completed project that exceeds your expectations, wants, and needs because, your Freelance Writer actually values your business, values their customers, and values their own work, brand, and reputation?

You decide.

For those of you who do, and have shown that you value quality, and value me or whomever, it is that you choose as a freelance writer that doesn’t perform rush jobs, and actually takes the time to research, and write in a way that will lead to your success – Thank you, and for those of you reading this that have never come to understand what it is that we actually do, and what it is that we actually go through I hope you gain a clearer understanding that leads you to grow to value whomever you hire as a freelance writer to work on those writing projects that you know that you can not tackle yourself.

Many of the projects that you hire us to take on take a lot of time, and research, and regardless of the amount of money that you pay us for those projects there are times when those projects require us to sacrifice things we want to do, and at times forces us to put other clients, and even our own families to the side practicing time management, and prioritization in order to get your tasks completed especially if yours come with hard deadlines that can not be wavered.

The client that I took on over the last 72 hours clearly did not understand any of this but, in writing this my hope is that it will prevent future clients regardless of the freelance writer you choose from causing a repeat of those events that only lead to stress, frustration, anxiety, and a lack of productivity.

The more productive we can be as a writer – the better the outcome of the content, and the success of the content that we write is our primary goal so, why would you undervalue, and want to create unnecessary stress by pushing for something that is already in the works – that only does more damage than good.  It isn’t personal, it’s business but, if you make it personal it will effect the quality of the finished product which is something that neither the writer or, the client wants.

Patience – It is a virtue after all.



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